Chant + Sing to Warm your Soul…

Chanting + the singing of sacred songs lifts the spirit, heals the heart, balances you out, calms  the nervous system+ clears the mind.  Put it simply – you just feel good!

Here are a selection of some of my favourites …  these are off youtube, but you may have access to Spotify so you don’t have the annoying ads.


Karen Drucker

Gentle with Myself       ~     On those days when you need to be gentle with yourself
Breathe                                   When you’ve forgotten to breathe.  A gentle reminder
Ho’oponopono                     Hawaiian Chant for Forgiveness.
Namaste                                  I see your light + beauty.  Perfect when feeling judgey + critical

Beautiful Chorus
Faith’s Hymn                  No words – just humming.  So beautiful + healing
Pachamama                  Reconnect to the feminine, the earth, your source
Darling                             Give yourself a hug when you sing this

Snatum Kaur
RA MA DA SA                 Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity.  It is all.
Long Time Sun            For when you are lost

I Still Call Australia Home ~ Qantas  –
I Still Call Australia Home ~ Aboriginal version

So many to choose from but these will get you started…