Intuitive Healing for Fertility….

This post may not relate to you; but you may know someone who is in need – so please share this post with them. 

I have been working with fertility clients for over 11 years now and my fertility treatments have helped many women to realized their dream of being a Mama!
I am extremely passionate about fertility issues because I have had my own fertility journey that has involved heartache and deep loss that still weighs heavy in my heart at times.  So; my dear woman – you are not alone.

Intuitive Healing for Fertility is a specialized treatment that draws upon a rich mosaic of healing therapies blended together with my powerful intuition, psychic gifts and wisdom to create a transformational healing.

Intuitive Healing for Fertility would be perfect if you:

  • Are on IVF and it all feels so heartless
  • Feel overwhelmed, exhausted + disconnected
  • Have experienced previous losses
  • Have lost hope that it will happen
  • Have been told ‘you are too old’ (don’t get me started on this subject!)
  • Cannot remember yourself before began this journey
  • Need a dose of inspiration + a whole lotta TLC
  • If you say “I’m fine” but you know your not

You will experience:

  • A gentle release of  emotional stress, anxiety + tension
  • A letting go of ‘why me’
  • Deep sense of physical relaxation
  • A positive mind + clarity of thought
  • Confidence in your bodies ability to conceive
  • Ready to enjoy life’s simple pleasures again
  • Gratitude for all that you do have in your life
  • Reconnection to your partner
  • A strong foundation to create a family
  • A deep sense of trust that all will be ok

My job is to clear the energetic debris that may be blocking your fertility on all levels of your being.

I share all the insights in a practical and easy to follow way and above all I promise to tell you honestly what needs to be addressed within yourself and your life and I will not tell you something just to keep you happy.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Are you thinking this sounds just what I need but I don’t live in Melbourne?  You will be pleased to know that I also conduct Skype sessions for clients all over the world.  So let’s set up a skype session and you will be amazed what comes up…

Initial Consultation          $145 ~ 90 mins  (cash or eft)
2nd + 3rd Consultation  $120 ~ 75 mins       ”             ”

Click here to read more or call 93973015 to book your appointment

Text for appointments 0419548645

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain…..

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