Animal Communication + Healing

Animal Spirit Healing + Reading

Our animals become more than ‘just a pet’.
They become part of the family, a friend, a source of comfort + for some a raison d’etre!

We love + we are loved.
Quite simply our animals heal our hearts…


Animal Spirit Healing + Reading benefits:

  • A deeper connection with your animal
  • Animals who are sick, healing after surgery or ageing
  • Rescues who may have abandonment, neglect, anxiety or health issues
  • Both of you (as they often carry your pain for you)
  • Heart healing from being taken from their mother + siblings
  • A new way of understanding the needs of your animals
 Saxon had a sore left front leg + was limping badly.
His Mum was having radiation therapy in her left arm.
Saxon was taking on his Mum’s pain!
This was cleared + he improved immediately.

Your animal will feel:

  • Calm,  relaxed, settled + loved
  • Energetic, refreshed + ready for a walk or pat
  • Connected to you on a deeper level
  • Just like you do after a healing!  You feel great + they do too!

Animal Spirit includes:

  • Reiki, cranial sacral, acupressure massage + meridian flushing
  • Crystal + Botanical Elixirs, Chakra + Crystal Healing
  • Reading of structures + organs
  • Recording of your Animal Spirit Healing delivered into your inbox
  • Insights shared



Animal Spirit Miley


Miley ‘s anxiety around car travel was worsening.
She received a beautiful heart healing + the insights that came helped Mum + Dad to be able to support her.
Her Dad says he has never seen her so calm!

Make an appointment

Tuesday – Saturday online
Click here to book via email or text Susanne 0419548645

We connect via email, messenger or phone for an initial chat.  I require a photo of your animal.  After the healing has concluded the recording of Animal Spirit will be delivered into your inbox (via dropbox) for you to listen to at your own convenience.

Animal Spirit Healing + Reading 30mins ~ $60  or  45 minutes ~ $90
CC payments incur a 2.9% fee


Animal Spirit – $62.00


Animal Spirit – $92.00


Mobile phone users scroll down for phone banking




To  make the most of the treatment:

  • Allow time to create a relaxing space to listen to your recording
  • Quiet time for your animal to soak up the magic
  • This healing may shift the energy of the whole household ~ notice what comes…

Please allow 48 hours cancellation ~ thank you for your understanding

My young whippet was not sure of himself. A bit nervous as they tend to be. We travel between two households so he didn’t quite know his place.

This is said in hindsight after the talented and insightful Susanne, gave him a healing reading. It turns out that he didn’t feel he belonged and as he joined me very soon after my last animal companion passed, I was expecting alot from this pup.
Atticus is now confident, settled, loving and deeply bonded.
Susanne’s insight not only helped Atticus but me also. Our lives are entwined as are our energies. Shifts will happen.
Thank you Susanne for a fresh chapter with my Atticus.




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