Beauty + Soul Healing

Beauty + Soul
A nurturing facial massage sans oil to release facial tension followed by a Seichim Heart + Womb Healing. 

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You will love Beauty + Soul if:

  • You want to soften the stress + tension held in the face
  • You have a special occasion + want to look your best
  • You need some pampering + healing

If you answered yes to any of these keep reading because you will love how Beauty + Soul will re-capture your glow, beauty + joie de vivre!  

“Wow, such a simple yet powerful treatment!  I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt afterwards and how much brighter my face looked, especially around my eyes.  I wish I had taken a before shot.”    JK ~ Tour Guide.

Your face will look + you will feel:

  • Soft, relaxed + dewy
  • Fresh faced + plumper in all the right places
  • Replenished, relaxed + refreshed in body, mind + heart

“My face feels so good, I loved it!” LS ~ Yoga Teacher

Beauty + Soul will also improve:

  • The flow of nutrients to the face, improve lymphatic drainage + immune system
  • Energy flow + positive thinking
  • Calm + soothe a worried heart

As the mask of tension falls away you’ll drift off into peaceful relaxation.  The Seichim heart + womb healing will bring a deep surrender to the bliss + radiance within!.   

“My face feels firmer + more radiant.  I recommend every woman to have a Facial Bliss” ST ~ Coach

Make an appointment

Tuesday – Saturday in Williamstown
Click here to book via email or call Susanne 03-93973015

Cash/EFT Facial Bliss 60 minutes ~ $100.00   (treatment only – no insights)
CC payments incur a 2.5% fee – EFT + CC payments prior to your appointment

Please read the cancellation policy before booking your appointment

Facial Bliss – $103.00

Mobile phone users scroll down for phone banking

Infinity Natural Wellbeing ~ 227 Nelson Pl Williamstown
Tuesday – Thursday

Empress Studio ~ WISC building, Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown

To prepare + make the most of your treatment:

  • Arrive 5 minutes early so you can sit + relax before your appointment
  • Have a make up free face + no jewellery
  • Catch up with friends soon after to show off your new glow or book date night

Please allow 48 hours cancellation ~ thank you for your understanding

I look forward to making you look + feel beautiful…

“Facial Bliss is just that, bliss.  With time to relax as the knots + tensions were massaged away.  I was shocked with how tense my face was! Afterwards,  I felt relaxed,  younger + happy” IK ~ Interior Designer

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