Intuitive Healing + Soul Reading

 Spirit Medicine
Intuitive Healing + Soul Reading

ancient wisdom for the modern woman


Covid_19 Shutdown..
During this time I am offering 30 or 45 minute distant healings.
As we come out of shut down you may find your stress levels increasing or suddenly feeling very exhausted.   ‘Shutdown’ triggered ancestral wounding + past life issues around war, slavery, loss of freedom, personal rights abuse, control + unexplained fear that resulted in anxiety, panic, depression, anger, frustration + sadness.
This healing will be dedicated to what has surfaced for you thru this time so that you may walk a new path in time when the sun shines again.

We can connect via email, skype, phone or messenger.  Scroll down for payment



Weely Inspirations

I draw upon ancient wisdom + modern healing techniques to awaken your own healing power and to restore harmony of the body, mind + spirit.

Spirit Medicine is a holistic, cellular tune-up!


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I bring 34 years experience in the healing arts
with yoga + energy medicine.  I draw upon ancestral knowledge + my own wisdom + intuition to create a healing tradition that is my own.


Spirit Medicine includes:

  • Reiki, Seichim or Sekhem energy

  • Sound Medicine (bowls, chimes, drum)

  • Chakra Balance

  • Past Life, Karma, Timeline + Ancestral

  • Womb Healing

  • Cranial Sacral + Aromatic Kinesiology

  • Meridian Massage or Acupressure

  • Detox, nutrition + lifestyle advice

  • Feminine Spirit’s Crystal + Botanical Elixrs

  • Visualization, breathwork + affirmations

  • Crystals, EO’s, Dowsing + Oracle cards


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If you are:

  • Ready to shift the way you are feeling, living or being
  • At a crossroads in your life and feeling confused or stuck
  • Feeling unhealthy + unhappy

You’ll love this:

  • Insights shared
  • Aromatherapy Swatch to take home
  • Soul Reading + written guidance for you to take home


Client options:

I see clients as a 1:1 treatment (in person) or distant healing where we connect via email, skype or phone (please mention this at the time of booking).

Click here to learn about my mini distant healing during shutdown for Covid_19 


$60   30 minutes   Distant Healing only
$90   45 minutes   Distant Healing only
$120 60 minutes
$150 75 minutes
$180 90 minutes

Full payment will be required to secure your booking.  You’ll receive a text or email a few days prior to confirm your intention.  Please respond by same at your earliest convenience.

Ways to Save:

Book + pay for 3 1hr sessions in advance and pay $310 that’s a saving of $50
These sessions can be taken over the year to address one issue or when you require some Spirit Medicine in your life.


24 hours to cancel or re-schedule your appointment.  A $25 fee will be charged within the 24hr time frame.

Make an appointment:

Infinity Natural Wellbeing ~ 227 Nelson Pl Williamstown
Tuesday – Thursday

Empress Studio ~ Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown

Click here to request an appointment + for EFT details

Mobile phone users scroll down to the very bottom of the page where you will see the shopping cart after you hit the paypal button to complete your payment. 

Distant (30 mins) – $62

Distant (45 mins) – $93

Spirit Medicine (60 mins) – $123

Spirit Medicine (90 mins) – $185

Spirit Medicine (x3) – $310

Enquire or Book Now or text 0419548645

I’m really grateful for the reiki session, it was a revitalizing experience for me.  You are one truly amazing and special person.  MM

I wish to hug and thank you.  I had a big shift overnight and have a level of awareness of the session and your words. Total reconciliation to my heart.    I get almost embarrassed with you as you are fearless at assisting with the release of fear and negative emotions.  You constantly hold me in love and light that is gracious and kind.     This is such a gift.  VJ


Thank you Susanne, I am feeling lighter like a heavy weight has been lifted and dissolved, have been taking time for stillness and nurturing and am enjoying the benefits of this.    The session with you was exactly what I needed, thank you!   AM

Thank you so much for yesterday. I have felt so incredibly free and light since!  AC

Such a beautiful experience.  Thank You.  GC

The healing was so deep + needed.  The reading was like looking in a mirror.  Thank You.  DL

Biz Biography

2020 Shamanic Energy Training ~ ongoing Melbourne
Shamanic Energy Medicine ~ ongoing Melbourne
Alchemy with Herbs + Essential Oils ~ Harriet’s Herbary
Holistic Nutrition + Detox Coach Certification  ~ Dr Amy Bali
2016 RAW Food Chef ~ Dr Amy Bali
2014 Facial Blyss ~ SFEF Kinesiology, Melbourne
2013 Aromatic Kinesiology Level 1 ~ Robbie Zeck Melbourne
2012 Hawaiian Bodywork + Lomi Lomi Massage ~ Tracey Ha’a a Laka i na pali Melbourne
2011 Personal Empowerment ~ Effectiveness Training Inst Melbourne
2010 Essentials of Craniosacral Therapy ~ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sydney
2005 Ear Candling ~ Complete Health Melbourne
2003 Professional Investigator ~ Charles Rahim Melbourne
2003 Touch for Health 3~ Ida Lyall Melbourne
2002 Touch for Health 1 + 2~ Ida Lyall Melbourne
2002 Sekhem Level 1 + 2 ~ Ida Lyall Melbourne
2001 Magnified Healing Master ~ Barbara Crereranup Melbourne
2001 Reiki + Seichim Master ~ Lorraine Kivinen Melbourne
1999 Relaxation Massage Cert ~ National Collage of Traditional Medicine
1999 Transforming Human + Soul Counselling ~ Lucille Woods Gita Melbourne
1999 Reiki 1st + 2nd Degree ~ Lorraine Kivinen Melbourne
1996 Esoteric Philosophy + Meditation TT ~ Sivananda Yoga Melbourne
1995 Hatha Yoga Yogasanas + Pranayama TT ~ Sivananda Yoga Melbourne
1986 Hatha Yoga Principle + Relaxation TT ~ BCYC Adelaide


6 thoughts on “Intuitive Healing + Soul Reading

  1. Hi susanne, would love to attend your workshops, do you have a programme for 2016?
    Thank you, unfortunately I missed your new years eve class.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hello.

    I would like to make an appointment to see Susanne for a healing session.

    Could you please let me know what dates and times you have available on upcoming Tuesdays or Fridays.

    Thank you.

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