Feminine Spirit products are created with love to support your health,  happiness + destiny….

If you have any questions in relation to what is the right product for you ~ click here.




Meditations For Fertility


The number one yoga pose for fertility is….relaxation!  That’s right laying down + doing nothing.  6 tracks created to support you on your fertility journey with grace + ease.




Fertility Support Pack



Essential Fertility


Created for those who attend weekly yoga classes but desire greater support with their fertility wellness. Now in the comfort of your own home you can my practical and spiritual wisdom concerning fertility at your fingertips. Essential Fertility is a fusion of everything that I believe will support you on your fertility journey.


Meditations for Fertility CD*  (being)  $19.99

Fertility Rituals e-book – self care rituals for the busy woman  (nurturing) $19.99

Health + Healing Treatment Pack – my top tips for fertility health  (healing) $5.99

*Includes p/h + your easy printable e-books will be delivered into your inbox








Fertility Rituals Ebook


Rituals is 24 pages packed full of practical tips to nourish your feminine spirit with breath work, reflections, meditations, self-care rituals, journal work, guidance and thrive list. The magic contained in this e-book will nourish, restore and replenish you and is the perfect companion on your journey to pregnancy, motherhood and beyond…




Ancient Wisdom Health + Healing Ebook


I wrote this e-book to share with you my absolute favorite treatment to aid fertility,  menstrual issues, immune dis-orders, fluid retention, depression, anxiety, aches and breast health. This essential treatment can be done in bed as you sleep! Voila…




Alchemical Essences


I receive a channeled message guiding me with what essence I need to create.  Drawing upon ancient wisdom,  spiritual intention and intuition to support the creation.
Blessed with Reiki, luna rays, botanical ingredients, crystal infusions and quartz sound bowls all create alchemy in a bottle.

The Alchemical Elixrs + Essences are created and birthed with the moon.
No two blends are the same as each blend has it’s own channeled message.
The alchemy takes place in it’s own sweet time.  An insight sheet is included so you can discover the magical journey of your essence and how it will support you.    I personally highlight what the priority is for you with your blend.

Ways to save:  Pick up at your yoga class or 1:1 session $16 (cash) for enquiries and EFT details


Autumn Leaf – Letting Go

This powerful essence works on an energetic level as you shed you will sense the inner release and you will experience expansion, anchoring, growth, presence and being more present. And a new cycle will evolve within divine timing.




Sea Shell – New Beginnings

Sea Shell Essence inspired by Mother Ocean infused with reiki, crystals, herbs, sound, nature, moonbeams, sunlight and Reiki. The blend is unique and is not repeated offering a progressive energetic healing that moves with you.   Sea Shell may bring healing for you and past generations.


Ways to save:  Pick up at your next Feminine Spirit Yoga Class or 1:1 session $16 for enquiries and EFT details


Fig Leaf Essence ~ Shame

Shame shuts us down, out + off from our power, truth, creativity, joy, love, light, self-expression, passion, laughter, dreams and soul goals.   It’s time to heal this soul loss.
A refreshing essence to re-align you to your birthright.


Ways to save:  Pick up at your next Feminine Spirit Yoga Class or 1:1 session $16 for enquiries and EFT details


Rose Petal Essence ~ Heart Healing

Rose Petal Essence creates deep heart healing so that your light may shine and create a sweeter song of the heart.


Ways to save:  Pick up at your next Feminine Spirit Yoga Class or 1:1 session $16 for enquiries and EFT details

New Essences …

Raindrops ~ anxiety

I was guided to capture raindrops as ‘tears from heaven’ to create an anxiety essence to support you in daily life.


Desert ~ Soul Alignment

Desert offers soul alignment for you to re-capture your creativity, passion + joy.   Drawing upon the ancient energy of the sacred lands of Mbantua, Watarrka, Uluru + Kata Tjuta to create magic.


Blood Moon ~ I AM

The I AM essence will help to align your intention and energy for the new day ahead.  This is quite literally Reiki in a bottle!

Unconditional Love

It’s not our external relationships we need to nourish but the relationship with ‘self’.  This elixr will bring healing to the parts of you that feel unlovable, unloved, unloving.

Refund Policy
If you feel that the product is not a right fit for you then Feminine Spirit will pay it backwards (less fees incurred) and on your honour + karma I would ask that you pay it forwards by donating it to a charity, op shop, friend or family member who you know may benefit.  NO refunds from the PDF’s because I have absolute faith you will love them!

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