Feminine Spirit Alchemy
is created with intuition + intention
to support  your feminine health,  happiness + destiny….

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Healing Oils


OM Mama Sacred Womb Oil

A potent healing treatment for all feminine health issues.
Palma Christi Oil for healing + drawing.
Botanicals for depression, stress + anxiety.
Essential Oils for healing, calmness, body love,  warmth, emotional + physical release.  Crystal infusion for purification + protection.

Rose, Lady’s Mantle, Burdock, Motherwort, Oat Straw nourished by sunlight.
Black Tourmaline Oil infused under Moonlight.
May Chang, White Grapefruit, Palma Rosa, White Thyme, Sweet Orange + 5 other oils
Blessed with Reiki + OM chanting for the highest healing vibe.

PLUS delivered insight sheet with insights + tips how to use your OM Mama Sacred Womb Oil to aid fertility, menstrual issues, immune dis-orders, fluid retention, depression, anxiety, aches + pain plus breast health. nto your inbox my Ebook full of insights + tips….


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown  or 1:1 session $27 EFT / $28 CC for EFT details

 Alchemical Elixirs

I am guided by intuition with what elixir I need to create for your healing.
During the blending process I bless the medicina with Reiki, sound medicine,
moonlight or sunlight, botanical + crystal infusions to create alchemy in a bottle.

The Alchemical Elixrs are created and birthed with intention.
Each blend is unique as is the creation process.  Alchemy takes time!
An insight sheet + your own personal prescription is included.

Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session  $20 EFT / $21.00 CC for EFT details




Letting Go

This powerful essence works on an energetic level to allow space to release, rest + reflect on what’s no longer needed.  It’s intention was to heal past trauma.  Make peace with what was, let go + open your heart + mind to a new way of being that let’s you shine! .
Offers support for anxiety, pmt, insomnia, depression, emotional pain.
Chamomile, Passionflower, Nettle, Oat Straw, Liqourice for anxiety, pmt, insomnia, depression + emotional pain.  Rose Quartz, Carnelian + Jasper for healing, love + trust.


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or 1:1 session $20

New Me

Infused with reiki, crystals, herbs, sound, nature, moonbeams, sunlight and Reiki.
An unique blend that brings healing to you + to the ancestors.  We are because of them!. Birthed under an Aquarian moon inviting freedom, wildness, creativity, ideas & new adventures.  It helps you gather the courage, determination, strength, resilience & confidence to step into a new beginning to awaken your truth, power & true source.


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session $20 for enquiries and EFT details


Release + Reclaim

I created this elixir to celebrate Witches NEW YEAR to release the ‘old stuff’ that keeps us from nourishing our relationship we ourselves.  We’ve disconnected from HER.
This elixir will bring healing to the parts of you that feel unlovable, unloved + unloving….
If you’re ready to intentionally create a life that wants to be lived… then this is for you!
Lady’s Mantle, Oatstraw, Mugwort, Damiana, Cats Claw, Elderflowers, Blue Lily to soothe digestion, insomnia, anxiety whilst replenishing body, mind + heart.
Carnelian + Black Obsidian get’s to the core of the issue that needs healing.  


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session  $20 for enquiries and EFT details


Unbreak My Heart

This elixir creates deep heart awakening as old wounds are healed bringing forth a new sense of compassion & acceptance for yourself + your innocent, trusting + loving heart.        Rose Petals + Vanilla for healing a closed, broken or angry heart.   Rose Quartz, Kunzite + Clear Quartz to reboot the heart to love again.   Blessed with Reiki to remove the layers of guilt + pain so that healing can begin.   You deserve so much more!


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session $20 for enquiries and EFT details

Just Breath ~ Anxiety Blend

A powerful tonic to calm the nervous system whilst re-building your energy after heightened anxiety + promotes a restorative sleep.  Inner child healing may occur + tears may flow – this release comes from your soul.   Fill your spirit tank with hope, faith + trust and you’ll feel at peace within your body, mind, heart + life.

 Raindrops gathered as ‘tears from heaven’, moonlight for feminine healing + Reiki form the basis of the potent elixir.   With Oats, Hops, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Valerian + Vervain offers a calming tonic for the weary nervous system, anxious heart + overwhelmed mind.
Rose Quartz, Apache Tears, Smokey Quartz, Celestite, Kunzite, Citrine + Rhondonite offers heart healing, grounding, soothing, relaxation, calmness + ability to let go.


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session $20 for enquiries and EFT details

Healing Honey Elixir

This Elixir works on a mental level to gift you the shift + lift you need away from the dark night to the light of your soul.   Perfect for when you feel you cannot continue on the same pathway.   One or two drops is all you will need!  I can highly recommend.

Healing Honey, Roses, Jasmine + Luna for anxiety, depression, pain, stress love, healing + ,positivity.   Amber, Tigers Eye + Unakite bring the root cause of an issue to surface, grounding, clarity + energy to take action + make choices.
Sound Medicine + Reiki to heighten the healing potential
Healing Honey Elixir will help you to find the sweetness in life again!!


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session $20 for enquiries and EFT details

 Sleep Tight

Quietens the mind of it’s noise,  soothes the soul + calms the nervous system to prepare you for a good nights sleep!   You’ll feel your energy unwinding!  This essence works on an energetic level to soothe that part of you that feels unsafe to let go enough to sleep.

Passionflower, Hops, Motherwort, Cinnamon, Rose, Lemon Balm for sleep, calmness, relaxation, love + inner peace.  Rose Quartz + Amethyst for a calm + free heart + mind

I can highly recommend this blend!


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or at 1:1 session $20 for enquiries and EFT details

Aphrodite Healing Honey Elixir

Aphrodite ~ The Goddess of Love reminds us to let our hearts be guided by love.
Healing Honey infused with Damiana + Lady’s Mantle  to add botanical potency for you to re-capture your wisdom, radiance, passion, joy, radiance, power + sensuality…. the qualities of the Sacred Feminine.   If you’ve lost, given away, sold or forgotten your feminine power + lost your mojo….. this is your elixir!  Feel the shift instantly!


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown  or at 1:1 session $20 for enquiries and EFT details

The Awakening

I created this essence under the Blood Moon for the souls of women who were ready to awaken.  The healing goes back 4 generations to clear wounding, patterns, behaviours, thoughts, beliefs + attitudes that affect you today by dulling your light, lowering your vibration + keep you down + stuck.  This elixir creates the shift you need to awaken freedom, power, liberty + truth.  You are so ready for this!

Lady’s Mantle, Blood Moon, Passionflower, Mugwort, Damiana, Rosemary + Marjoram for change, focus, dreaming + creation, peaceful dreams, love + strength.
Rose + Clear Quartz stabilizes + restores harmony, align energy + intention + soul cleanse.


Ways to save:  Pick up Williamstown or 1:1 session  $20 for enquiries and EFT details

New Elixirs + Aura Mists coming soon….


Refund Policy
If you feel that the product is not a right fit for you then Feminine Spirit will pay it backwards (less fees incurred) and on your honour + karma I would ask that you pay it forwards by donating it to a charity, op shop, friend or family member who you know may benefit.  NO refunds from the PDF’s because I have absolute faith you will love them!

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