Journeys for the Soul

The intimacy of small group touring with a maximum of 10 guests to explore destinations with cultural and spiritual significance.

If you are filled with a wanderlust to travel but hate the big groups, rigid schedules and are craving a more soul-full way of travel you will love what we offer on our Journeys.

Susanne takes only one tour per year and each tour is created differently.   What you receive on this Journey will be unique to that group.

Desert Awakening ~ The Red Centre

Ancient, rugged and beautiful, the ‘Red Centre’ is a must2013-03-15 14.58.19
see!   Every year is a different journey!  In 2019 we journey through the treasures of the outback from Alice Springs to the grandeur of the Western MacDonnell Ranges, Ooraminna to the sacredness of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.
From sunrise to sunset you will be lost in a  kaleidoscope of colour, tradtion, culture, wisdom, sacredness and beauty..

Sounds good?  read on...

Desert Awakening ~ Private Uluru Tours

Susanne will intuitively co-create your private spiritual tour with you.
From swags to outback luxe.  From a weekend to a week or two!
We work only with Indigenous business owners and those who work +
live in respect of culture + country.

202O Dates

28th August – 4th September (postponed)
8th September – 13th September  (postponed)

2021 Dates

3 thoughts on “Journeys for the Soul

    1. Hi Taffy,
      In discussions now with my drivers/guides for 2018. It will be Sept 2018 – around 4th – 8th Sept.
      Will let you know asap.
      Thank You

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