Swish before you swallow…..


I asked my grandson this morning “have you had your water’?  he responded “No, because my mouth tastes yucky”…..well Andreas is spot on!
My mother infused my childhood with ancient Ayurvedic practices that I continue with  today and I would like to share two traditions that improve health + beauty.

Everyone knows about drinking water with lemon before you eat anything but what we dont do is rinse the mouth out prior.  It is full of heat + toxins (ama) from the previous night + that needs to be released.  So ….”Swish before you swallow” (as I type this I can almost see Samantha from Sex in the City making some comment!) …..

The Ayurvedic practice of Mouth Rinsing should be done 7 times ~ but I aim for 3 and on those busy days just do 1 and let it be a little longer.
Swish away and you will feel the heat of the mouth transferring into the water + spit x 3  and by the 3rd time your mouth will feel a little cooler + fresher.

The 2nd step is Tongue Scraping to release the coating and bacteria from the tongue as well as stimulating gastric fire + digestive enzymes.     Most of us have a coated tongue in the morning + if your breath smells like last nights dinner ~ your meal is undigested so skip brekkie!

Most Indian Shops sell stainless steel tongue scrapers or you can use a teaspoon.  Using gentle strokes, scrape the tongue from back to front until the whole surface is scraped + keep rinsing the tongue scraper as you go.

I will always do one more swish after the tongue scraping to release any residue….and voila the breath of 1000 camels is gone!

Try it and let me know how you go….