Transform Your Life Retreat – memories…

The stars aligned at this intimate retreat offering the women the opportunity to rest, renew + re-set in luxurious surrounds.  It was a blessing for us all!
Such a beautiful group of women joined me for a weekend of body and soul nourishment at Amarant Retreat in the glorious Yarra Valley.

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We were blessed to have the skills of the most talented chef whose passion for food was felt in it’s preparation + presentation.  Rachel rendered us all speechless with every meal.   During the day we all chatted easily yet at mealtimes we became silent as we enjoyed the delish dish that had been created for us by Enchanted Eating.  She was so brilliant that I have booked her already for 2016!

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The joy of having your meals prepared and presented is something akin to absolute bliss let alone that you don’t need to clean up the mess in the kitchen or at the table is a joy to behold.  I am not sure if a man will ever get that….but women sure do.  

Being fed in in body + soul with yoga, raw food, relaxation and nature creates subtle shifts and changes that result feelings of deep relaxation, peace and happiness.

I don’t do hardcore retreats because to me life is hardcore, I much prefer to allow the schedule to ebb and flow which means sometimes we miss out on somethings just to allow other things to breath and expand into fullness.

The magical yoga space has beautiful views of the valley.  I love teaching yoga where I can see the beauty of nature, to feel it washing away the tiredness of busy modern life.  Nature grounds and heals and her power is a key component of all of my retreats.

amarantyogaroom            20151024_062900           Amarant Retreat buddah

As the senses are awakened a spring in the step is re-discovered.

I love sound healing so I incorporated my crystal + tibetan bowls to cleanse and energize the auric field.  This is is vital to do so to support the deep healing of the yoga.
Insight cards and vision boards gave us insight clarity and insight for a new life.
Life is just so busy and over-complicated that life can swamp you and you forgo doing what nourishes YOU.  The cards and vision boards open up the channels of creativity and possibility for what it is that would allow your life to be a more soul full life.

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This year we enjoyed Mandala Colouring,  I thought it would be an hour workshop but hours later we were all still colouring away.  The colours we choose in life tell us so much about ourselves and we addressed it thru the Chakra system.  Many of the colours were repeated in clothing, vision boards, foods and even the insight cards!

The theme “Transform your Life” was woven into every practice to re-awaken their zest for their health + happiness and what is always surprising to me is that the changes don’t need to be huge; they are often small tweaks to an already pretty great life.

This retreat was a complete gift to me…  I got to share it with friends, long lost students who came back after having their babies and moving away, new friends, current students and business mentors.   To have such an eclectic group of women created such a loose and loving vibe that we all went home feeling nurtured and nourished.

Retreats are a blessing to a woman and this retreat offered me the chance to bear witness to 7 divine being re-connect to their entire being but most importantly to their soul.

The next life changing retreat will be 14-16th October 2016….save the date!




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  1. It was the perfect tonic for that moment in time for me. I already have it in my diary for next year – so save me a place! Your words capture the weekend perfectly. Gratitude to you for creating and holding the space. xoxo

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