Weekly Inspirations

3rd – 9th November…
What visions do you have that are indigenous to your soul that you do not question?  Trust these + take time to re-evaluate the others.
November is my birthday month and I love it because everyone is as intense as a Scorpio + that is a relief for me but perhaps not for you?
It is the month of  “The Unknown” and that may freak you out or you may find it exciting!

This week begin to make friends with your shadow side + see what shifts?
I am aware of my shadow side when I dislike a quality of another person + I then ask myself

“Where am I a (control freak, bossy, know it all, martyr etc) in my life + how come?”

I feel its quite freeing + empowering when I discover, accept, heal, change + move on from this aspect of my personality…

Many years ago a friend complained that I was ‘an interrogator’  and she was over it!
Funnily enough she was as much as an interrogator as I was….
We had a break from our friendship + I took time to indulge this aspect of my Scorpio nature by becoming a Private Investigator.  Am i still an interrogator – hell yes!  I’m Scorpio intuitive healer who loves to dive deep into everything.  It’s just different now…
We have also re-kindled our friendship and it is no longer an issue – funny that!

Acts of love:

  • Visualize handing over an issue to spirit to handle the details
  • Book a healing for inner support or if experiencing sleep issues, anxiety or fear
  • Be Zena Warrior Woman
  • Release the need to be right or perfect
  • Do practices to anchor, ground + support your energy
  • Say NO if something is not right for you…
  • If you are at a crossroads in your life ask spirit to guide you
  • Change is happening + you have at some point wanted this – welcome it
  • Come to Pop Up Yoga will restore calmness amongst the chaos
  • Start something new but only with a fresh clear mind

What do you want to truly create in your life?  November offers you the opportunity to re-create opportunities and possibilities for this to occur…

Just lead with your heart, listen to your heart, follow you heart + you cannot go wrong!

Love this post, share with your tribe…
I would love to know what is one aspect of your shadow side you are ready to become friends with?