Couples Fertility Retreat


Has the fertility journey has left you both feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out?   Has your relationship suffered?

Do you even remember what you used to be like before the fertility journey began?
Do you both long to feel energized, confident and happy?
Are you ready to re-connect to your partner and really be present to each other?

If this sounds like you, then you deserve our unique, dedicated couples  fertility retreat

Yera Health Retreat at Rye is only 80kms from Melbourne on the stunning Morninton Peninsular.

Under the expert care of Susanne Calman, Fertility Yoga specialist, and Robert Lobosco, doctor of Chinese Medicine you will be gently guided and your journey honoured.

If this speaks to you and you would like to know more ~ click here
2 spaces remaining ~ 70% back on therapies with private health and if you have yoga as part of your health care an invoice will be issued for further rebates….

We only take very small groups to allow for personal attention.

Call Robert 0412291174