Spirit Blessings August 2023

I hope you find these tools a great support thru August….
Create time + space to bring unity of body, mind + spirit into your day….

August Spirit Toolbox…

August is a month to notice what you are ‘tuning into’ … the white noise, old stories,  media + political distractions?       Are you in-tune or off key?

Here are some beautiful ways to bring you back ‘in tune’ with your soul….

  • The language of music will restore you beautifully…
  • The sounds + beauty of nature brings you fully into the divine + abundance.
  • Find the sacred in each new day.
  • Take time out to rest + revive.
  • Visit a temple, church, garden + notice how you get quiet before you enter.
  • Accept not knowing the answers to life’s questions.
  • Trust without having to explain it to yourself or another

Relaxation + Visualization ~ Magical Transformation   20:20
If you have been feeling stuck, stagnant + disconnected this will restore + revitalize your life force on a cellular level whilst reconnecting you to your wise woman.

The beauty of now – breath + August intention  6.31
perfect if you are stuck in conversations/experiences of your past or what may or may not happen tomorrow + beyond.

Take a step Healing + Reading   29.30
Get off the treadmill + out of the concrete jungle + find your wonder + awe…

Spiritual Toolbox

Liver 1
Sleep Tight Crystal + Botanical Elixir
Ground Aura Mist
Rose Quartz Crystal
Message in Numbers by Alana Fairchild…
333 (ask for help)  1111 (make a choice + energy will flow) 1112 (time for a fresh start)

Have a fantabulous month