Feminine Spirit Yoga

At its foundation, Feminine Spirit Yoga is healing with a fusion of ancient and modern practices to relax, refresh and re-ignite the feminine spirit.  Each themed class may include different forms of yoga, relaxation, reiki, breathing practices, visualization, oracle cards, essential oils, tea, wisdom, intuitive insights and sound healing through drum medicine or singing bowls.


Yoga Classes

Held in the art deco “The Empress Theatre” (circa 1907) which since 1978 has been home to the Williamstown Italian Social Club.    Our own sacred space which is upstairs offering views of the trees of the botanical garden and sea breezes.

Empress Studio (WISC building)
Level 1 / 30 Garden Street Williamstown (enter via Osborne Street)

Pop Up Yoga
Commonwealth Reserve ~ Williamstown (during warmer months)

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Yoga Workshops

Feminine Spirit Workshops are a fusion of yoga and soul.
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