Pin Point glasses for eye health

If you are looking to support eye health – look no further than Pin Point Glasses + a few of my fave eye treatments.

My Mum made me wear pin point glasses when I was a kid to help with my lazy eye. I hated wearing them but Mum believed that the eyes were like every other muscle and if you didn’t use em – you’d loose em.

Today I wear my pin point glasses only for pewter work + I interchange them with my reading glasses every 30mins or so if needed. I now no longer need to wear glasses when reading a book + find my eyes focus better + feel more relaxed after wearing them.. The little holes in them make the eye focus without distraction.

Tips to Love your Eyes ….

Eye Exercises
Draw a large clock noticing strain or where the eyes jump. Reverse.
Take the eyes into the distant + to the tip of the nose. Repeat slowly.
Draw a large square. Reverse. Create angles.
Expand your peripheral vision – above/below – side to side + behind you. A simple energy boost!

Feed + Nourish your Eyes
Massage eyes with organic Castor Oil + leave on overnight – it will soak in thru the lids into the eyes. It’s one of the most healing nourishing oils so you could also apply it as a serum to the face.

I find the LED lights are hurtful to my eyes but my husband loves them. So I turn the overhead lights on as little as possible. So look for the old fashioned ones + buy them up when you see them.

Wearing an Eye Mask at night will help eyes, the muscles around the eyes + nervous system to relax. Enjoy a Schumann Resonance Sound Healing for 3rd eye + Pineal Gland health. Click here

Your eyes contain water so wash your eyes with structured water to fill the water tank.
It’s easy to structure water …by pour filtered water into a copper cup + you’ll see little bubbles appear…. that’s structured water!!. OR Dip a crystal into the water drawing a circle + as the water is spiraling bathe your eyes with your new structured water!

The world of wifi/radiation dries our eyes out… Lack of nutrition + movement weakens the eyes but we can re-generate our eyes with these simple tips. The eyes are the windows of the body + soul – so look after them + your health will thank you.