Feminine Spirit Yoga

I have created my own style of feminine yoga that has healing as its foundation. Feminine Spirit  Yoga incorporates my love of different yogic and healing traditions.

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Women’s Yoga Retreats

Feminine Spirit Retreats offer the modern woman the gift of rejuvenation and transformation.  A fusion of stunning destinations, yoga, healing, soul food, spa treatments and time to re-discover you!

Feminine Spirit Retreats are held in Australia and Bali.

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Sacred Space Cleansing

You know the feeling: that overwhelming sensation that a house just doesn’t feel right?
A sacred space cleanse can be done on a home or business to clear previous owners energy,
tradesmen, ex partners whose behaviours, thoughts and feelings may have left an imprint.
Banish bad vibes and unwanted energies and create a true soul home or a more successful business.
I will work with you to create a peaceful and abundant sacred space.

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