Spirit Blessings ~ July 2023

July ~ the month to unshackle yourself so that you may accept, appreciate, support + love yourself as you are right now.  Your dark.  Your light.  All of you.

Here are your spiritual tools to help you navigate the month of July…

Relaxation ~ Repair + Respite for Superwomen  11.18
Healing + Reading ~ Firelight. Sunlight. My Light 24.05

Numbers 444 + 414  – Message in Numbers by Alana Fairchild

Divine support.  Change is in the air.  Notice what/who comes into your life.

Empress + Rose Sacral Chakra Bath Oil by Feminine Spirit
Let go of control, energetic cleanse of others energy, joy, lightness + focus on fruits of life
Not listed on website.  $25 for 50ml July Spirit Blessings (click + collect)

Aura Soma Bottle 42 Harvest
Focus on the fruits of life (your harvest) for joy, lightness of body + heart….

Desert (Intention) Crystal + Botanical Elixir x 25 drops
Created on the sacred lands of the NT central desert under the sun + moon.
Re-wire your brain for a new inspired way of living.
Restore the lightness of heart.
Reconnection to your power, truth, creativity, joy, love light self-expression, turht.
Not listed on website $20.00 for July Spirit Blessings (click + collect)