Feminine Spirit Workshops are a fusion of yoga, reiki, sound, music + soul.  Featuring Soundscape (sound + yoga), Alchemy (Relaxation + Reiki) + Rituals (ancient wisdom).

Please scroll down to see our fundraiser for Wires for injured wildlife from the NSW fires..



Completion + Celebration 2019

RELEASE the effort 2019 has taken
RECEIVE an abundance of new fresh energy
REFLECT with gratitude on the year that was

I invite you to take the morning off from stress, slow down + be nurtured with the gifts of gentle heart based yoga and guided relaxation all interwoven with energetic,  vibrational + sound medicine.

Let your light shine as you step into a new year, a new decade with inspiration, creativity and a wonderful sense of joie de vivre!

Empress Studio  (WISC building)
Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown

Saturday 28th December
9am – 10.30am

yoga ~ relaxation ~ reiki ~ medicine drum ~ sound bowls ~ oracle cards ~ eo’s ~
essences ~ wisdom ~ insights ~ healing ~ 2019 reflections

$44 EFT – for EFT details click here  

Completion – $46


for injured wildlife
from the fires.



 Group Healing Relaxation

A  fusion of the ancient healing arts with my own ability to weave magic, wisdom + intuition to take you on a personal healing journey.   Alchemy is a coming home to your sacred self.

Whilst there are many worthy charities Wires was recommended to me by my CFA friends.  They are a non profit organization who do amazing work with rescue + rehabilitation of  injured wildlife.

You can still receive a distant healing when you donate even if you can’t come!
My aim is to raise $500.00 or more!  Williamstown Italian Social Club is donating the space, I am donating my time and I need is your Aussie heart + your $$$   

Alchemy releases the energetic blocks to allow your divine feminine  energy to flow restoring a deep sense of balance and inner harmony.  Waves of deep healing Reiki energy will flow as Susanne takes you on a sacred soul journey.

The Alchemy to reclaim the divine sacred feminine:

  • 45minute Guided Relaxation with Reiki
  • Healing + Meditation for country + wildlife
  • Oracle cards, Flower Essence + Essential Oils
  • Group Healing insights for in-person + distant

You will experience:

  • Deep relaxation of body, mind + heart
  • An energetic release
  • Re-connection to the sacredness of all life
  • Warmth in your heart

It’s time to give …

Empress Studio (WISC building)
Level 1 / 30 Garden Street

Friday 13th December  6-7pm
$35  or $50 (if your feeling generous)

BYO:  pillow + eyebag..

**Please note that you will receive an email to advise of the final amount donated + receipt.  Good feelings will result.


Space will not be held until full payment is received.  CC Payment incurs paypal fee.
No refunds due to this being a fundraiser.

Photo credit to Wires…
Mobile phone users please scroll down for phone payments


Click here for EFT details

Susanne Calman
Susanne is a Master Healer/Teacher who has been teaching her own form of healing feminine yoga for over 34years.

Mobile phone users scroll down to make payment


11:11 ~ Awaken

A spiritual moment in time on the sacred day of remembrance in the first month of the divine trinity (Nov 11 – Jan 11) you are being called to pause, look within with gratitude, respect, intention and creation to awaken your true divine light.  Are you ready?

Awaken to:

  • Open the energetic pathways between you + your higher self
  • Access higher vibrations
  • Consciously create
  • Feel a sense of one-ness
  • Walk your spiritual path with heart + soul
  • Be divinely guided + to trust what you are shown
  • Awaken to source + re-member who you are

One love with:

  • Me-time
  • The alchemy of yoga, relaxation + reiki
  • Oracle cards, eo’s, music of inspiration, chanting + breathwork
  • Koshi chimes
  • Moments of reflection + self inquiry
  • Personal insights from Susanne for health, happiness + destiny
  • Botanical + crystal infused essence for you to take home

Step back into life + live it your way!  Voila

Infinity Natural Wellbeing ~ 227 Nelson Place  Williamstown
Sunday 11th November 10am ~
Phone enquiries: Susanne 9397-3015 or Click here for email enquiries

Small intimate group
Full payment is required to hold your space
An email will be delivered into your inbox after payment has been received
If you need to cancel you can transfer to 1:1 healing treatment or refund less fees incurred

Price includes:
Yoga, guided relaxation, reiki healing,  written insights +
Soul Alignment botanical + crystal infused essence created on the Blood Moon (value $27)
BYO yoga mat, blanket + pillow and an open heart + mind

CC Payment incurs a 2.9% surcharge $79.00
EFT Payment incurs no fee                      $77.00

Click here to request EFT details to be sent to you

11:11 Awaken – $79

Are you ready?


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