Feminine Spirit Workshops are a fusion of yoga, reiki, sound, music + soul.  Featuring Soundscape (sound + yoga), Alchemy (Relaxation + Reiki) + Rituals (ancient wisdom).




February 2020

Are you ready for the New Year and ALL that it will bring?

A ‘mental earth year’ with a deep focus to spiritual growth, learning, moving forwards, deepening your relationship with the earth, observing the world around you, tradition, listening more, trusting and being a warrior woman who practices extreme self-care!

2020 the Year of Evolution and the vision I am being shown is the ancient symbol for growth + evolution ~ the spiral which brings in the feminine energy into a very masculine year!  The spiral in many traditions relates to life, birth, cycles + is seen in nature…

Awaken your creativity in 2020 for your health, humour + self-expression for the creative changes you seek all begin in the heart and move outward.   By expressing what you love and honouring what you value your year will look and feel better which then flows out into your world.



Join me for a morning of feminine heart based yoga and soul practices to anchor you into 2020 with a curious mind and inspired heart to light your creative spark.

Connect to the qualities of 2020 – security, exchange, freedom, exploration, growth + grounding so you can embody your soul’s light.

A fusion of tradition, energies + insights will inspire you to step into a new rhythm that suits the NEW YOU!

Are you ready?  Because 2020 is going to be huge…


Empress Yoga + Healing Studio
Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown (WISC building)
Saturday 29th February 2020
9-11am $60.00

Price Includes:

  • Feminine yoga, breathing practices
  • Guided Relaxation with Reiki
  • Oracle cards, essential oils, crystal + botanical elixirs
  • Group Balance to 2020 energy with insights
  • Crystal + Tibetan Bowl, medicine drum, inspirational music + chanting
  • 2020 themes + tips delivered into your inbox for future reference
  • Intuitive insights for ah-hah moments
  • Sacred Space to get clear, curious + creative


Journal + pen if you wish to note your ideas, inspiration + insights


Space will be held after full payment has been received.
An email will be delivered into your inbox to confirm your place.
If you need to cancel you can transfer to 1:1 healing treatment or to another workshop.

CC Payment incurs paypal fee.  click here for EFT details to be sent to you.
Mobile phone users please scroll down for phone payments.


Evolution – $62




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