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Spirit Medicine is an Intuitive Healing + Soul Reading to nurture the body, heal the heart + soothe the soul.
I draw upon my ‘tools’ to intuit what YOU need;
The insights I receive and share will empower you
with your health, happiness, life + destiny.
Spirit Medicine is available in person or distant.

You will love the extras you receive as part of your treatment

  • Discussion about what arose through your treatment
  • Guidance card with insights to support your journey
  • Aromatherapy swatch to take home

Venue + times:

  • Infinity Natural Wellbeing ~ 227 Nelson Place Williamstown
    Tuesday – Saturday 10-5pm
  • Distant Healings + Space Clearings available via skype, phone + email
    Monday – Thursday 10-5pm

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Space Clearings is a powerful way to cleanse the psychic debris + clutter from your sacred space.  Just as you need to physically ‘clean’ the home one needs to  psychically ‘clear’ the home of past inhabitants, negative imprints from arguments,  spirits who won’t or can’t leave and any geopathic stress trapped.

Sacred space clearing info:

  • I do not have to be physically in your home to do a clearing
  • All I need is a photo, clarity with what you wish to release + intentions for the future]
  • I use various mediums such as sound, smoke, intention, Reiki, oracle cards + essential oils, essences + soul readings.

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“Thank you for your support and healing. When I first saw you I had just had a miscarriage and was feeling quite hopeless, overweight and miserable and after two healings I felt a real shift in my attitude to my life, myself, body + mind.  Slowly the weight came off (26kgs), I was more focused on my wellbeing and felt more joy in my life and now I am pregnant!   Your healing helped me move into a better place to conceive”.
– BW ~ Happy Mum

Thank you very much for your help & support. Your reiki made me feel so much calmer & positive.  I cant thank you enough.   – Joy ~ Project Manager

Thank you for your beautiful + clarifying treatment last week.  I gained alot more than I had expected and everything was very relevant to me.
I want you know it made a difference in my life and how I now view and understand things.  Thank you so much!     RM ~ Mother

I feel the healing you have given has been quite powerful and life giving.  You remind me of the Strength card in the Tarot with your gift of gentle soothing Susanne!
Thank You for what you do!   – FB

Need guidance? contact me or call 03-93973015 and I will guide you or

Nourish  –  Stillness  –  Beauty

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