Distant Online Healing

Distant Spirit Medicine
Healing + Soul Reading

Dissolve the inner agitation
Restore harmony + Nourish your light
Come home to your true self…..

‘This healing embedding into my soul.
I look forward to sitting with this for the next few days as the magic continues to flow’.

You’ll love a Distant Healing if:

  • You need a healing but time or locale do not align
  • If you’ve  felt very stressed, blocked, flat + not sure what will help
  • You love to listen to your recording many times to take it all in

You will feel:

  • Empowered, connected + at home within your body
  • Inner peace, clarity + quiet inspiration

Distant Spirit Medicine includes:

  • Energy, Sound + Vibrational Medicine, Aromatic Kinesiology + Cranial Sacral
  • Recording of your healing for you to listen to in your own time
  • Insights + Soul Reading to offer deeper support
  • The healing is interactive with visualization + breathwork
  • Past Life, Karma + Ancestral wound healing + awareness
The healing was pure magic.  She has an amazing gift.
I wake up everyday feeling better and better.
My session left me feeling supported + empowered’.

Make an appointment

Spirit Medicine Distant Healing/Readings are done on the power days to suit your energy.
After scheduling a time send thru your intentions via phone, email, messenger or text
Your recorded healing/reading will be delivered into your inbox via dropbox.

Tuesday – Friday 10-5pm with Saturday’s upon request

Click here to book via email or text Susanne 0419548645 + for EFT details ( no fees )

Distant Healing/Soul Reading 30 minutes ~ $71.00  (focus is on 1 key issue)
Distant Healing/Soul Reading 45 minutes ~ $106.00
Distant Healing/Soul Reading 60 minutes ~ $140.00

CC payments incur a 2.9% fee

Distant 30mins – $73.00

Distant 45mins – $109.00

Distant 60mins – $144.00

Mobile phone users scroll down for phone banking

To  make the most of your treatment for online

  • Don’t rush to get settled + allow time to listen to your recording
  • Turn off technology + create a space for healing as you receive + listen
  • Schedule a quiet time after your healing to soak up the magic
  • You may feel sleepy during the healing + need to rest

Please allow 24 hours cancellation ~ thank you for your understanding

I look forward to sharing this magical healing with you.

Peace be with YOU_resized


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