Intuitive Healing for Fertility

Intuitive Healing for Fertility

Intuitive Healing for Fertility draws upon a
rich mosaic of ancient healing arts, modern practices infused with my ability to weave magic, intuition + wisdom to support you on your fertility journey.

intuitive healing for fertiility healing....

That was a spectacular healing.  I resonated with everything you said!  EVERYTHING
It literally touched on all that I am experiencing.
I feel as though I have a solid way forward.

You will love this if you:

  • Feel drained, overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected + lost all hope?
  • Have experienced previous losses
  • Have been told ‘you are too old’? (don’t get me started on this subject!)
  • Have forgotten who you used to be before this fertility journey began?


 Thank You for this beautiful healing.
It was exactly what I needed to hear!  EM

A fertility healing may include:

  • Energetic, Celestial + Vibrational Medicine
  • Chakra Balance + Aura Cleanse, Cranial Sacral, Aromatic Kinesiology
  • Detox, nutrition + lifestyle advice
  • Guided Breath + Meditation intuited for you
  • Intuitive + Channelled insights + Ancestral + Past Life Wisdom
  • Oracle Card Reading to support you in your current life experience


Thank YOU so much.
You are my angel on earth!!!


You will experience:

  • A gentle release of  emotional + physical stress
  • Feeling more grounded, connected to your body + life
  • A positive mind + new found confidence in your bodies ability to conceive
  • A deep sense of trust that all will be o.k


After 6 years we’d  lost all hope that we would be blessed!    The connection I immediately felt upon contacting Susanne was one of warmth + love.
I knew we’d been guided to the right person.   After our fertility healing, our faith + hope has been restored + the trust in our journey is back.   I feel at peace + full of joy again.  Thank You Susanne, you are such a blessing ~ BM



$140  60 minutes EFT
$200  90 minutes EFT

Once you book your appointment full payment is required to secure your booking.
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Fertility 60mins  – $144.00


Fertility 90mins  – $206.00


Cancellation Policy:

Please offer 24 hrs to cancel or re-schedule your appointment.

Make an appointment:

1:1:  Are held my healing Studio in Williamstown
Tuesday – Friday 10-5pm with Saturday’s available upon request

Distant:    Your healing is recorded + delivered into your inbox (via dropbox) so you can listen  when it suits.   Each time you listen you will receive the healing energy again.

Click here for email bookings or text 0419548645


Do you need more Fertility Support?




Fertility Self-Care Rituals e-book

These Fertility Rituals were created for my 4 week Yoga for Fertility course with the intention  that a woman does not blossom from deprivation she blossoms with self-care.  Delivered into your inbox to support you along this journey + beyond.

Fertility Rituals  – $5.00




Ancient Health + Healing E-book

This nourishing treatment has been handed down from the Grandmothers in my maternal line and I have shared this with many fertility clients for feminine health for conception.  Everyone who uses this healing treatment has found great comfort + a deeper sense of connection to their womb.

Ancient Health+Healing – $5.00


OM Mama Sacred Womb Oil


OM Mama Sacred Womb Oil

This potent healing treatment is for all feminine health issues.
Palma Christi Oil + Celestial Infusions for healing, purification + protection.
Botanicals + EO’s  for healing, release, body love + warmth.

Rose, Lady’s Mantle, Burdock, Motherwort, Oat Straw nourished by sunlight.
Black Tourmaline Oil infused under Moonlight
May Chang, White Grapefruit, Palma Rosa, White Thyme, Sweet Orange + 5 other oils
Blessed with Reiki + OM chanting for the highest healing vibe.

Purchase with your Ancient Health + Healing e-book or the Essential Fertility Pack


$30.00 click + collect

OM MAMA Womb Oil – $33.00


$40.00 shipping

OM MAMA shipping – $43.00




Essential Fertility Pack

This is the combination of ALL that I believe will support you on your journey.
The Essential Fertility Pack offers nourishment for body, mind, heart + soul…  creating a sense of inner harmony + balance.

OM Mama Sacred Womb Oil works with the Ancient Health + Healing e-book
Fertility Self-Care Rituals supports these on all levels of your being.


Essential Fertility Pack $33.00 click + collect

Fertility Pack – $33.00

Essential Fertility Pack $43.00 shipping

Fertility Pack – $43.00


I look forward to sharing all that I have learnt with you.

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