Mandala – Daily Spiritual Relaxations

by Susanne Calman.  SALE: $10.95 AUD inc. p/h

“As seen in Australian Yoga Journal”

A powerful healing and transformational CD with 7 guided relaxations inspired by Deepak Chopra’s spiritual intention of each day.

“Mandala is a beautiful CD that brings tranquility + balance into my life”.  – R.R., Kinesiologist

Essential Fertility

by Susanne Calman. Price: $30 AUD

Created for those who attend weekly yoga classes but desire greater support with their fertility wellness.  Now in the comfort of your own home you can have Susanne’s practical and spiritual wisdom concerning fertility at your fingertips.   Essential Fertility is a fusion of everything that Susanne believes will support you on your fertility journey.


  • Meditations for Fertility CD*  (being)  $14.95
  • Fertility Rituals e-book – self care rituals for the busy woman  (nurturing) $14.95
  • Health + Healing Treatment Pack – my top tips for fertility health  (healing) $5.95

    $35.85 or buy all three for only $30 + save $5.85
    *Includes p/h + your easy printable e-books will be delivered into your inbox

Fantastic Value at only $30

Yoga for Fertility DVD   ~  SOLD OUT

“Having purchased various fertility relaxation products overseas, I was delighted to find Susanne’s fertility Yoga DVD & meditations here in Australia. These meditations really help with quietening the mind & really connecting to feeling in the body – they bring relaxation, feelings of peace & calmness. Excellent purchase. They truly are such lovely meditations”.  -JS – NSW

Meditations for Fertility

by Susanne Calman price $14.95 AUD includes p/h 

The number one yoga pose for fertility is….relaxation!
6 tracks created to support you on your fertility journey with grace + ease.

“I listened to Meditations for Fertility prior to + during + after every IVF treatment. It helped me to remain positive + relaxed during this stressful time”.    – SK, PA


Fertility Rituals

by Susanne Calman. Price: $14.95 AUD

Rituals is 24 pages packed full of practical tips to nourish your feminine spirit with breath work, reflections, meditations, self-care rituals, journal work, guidance and thrive list.
The magic contained in this e-book will nourish, restore and replenish you and is the perfect companion on your journey to pregnancy, motherhood and beyond…

This incredible e-book is NOW AVAILABLE for only $14.95


Ancient Wisdom for Health + Healing

by Susanne Calman. Price: $5.95 AUD

I wrote this e-book to share with you my absolute favorite treatment to aid fertility,  menstrual issues, immune dis-orders, fluid retention, depression, anxiety, aches and breast health.   This essential treatment can be done in bed as you sleep!   Voila…

Get your copy now for only $5.95

All Feminine Spirit products are created with love to support your health, happiness + destiny….

If you have any questions in relation to what is the right product for you ~ click here.

Refund Policy
If you feel that the product is not a right fit for you then Feminine Spirit will pay it backwards (less fees incurred) and on your honour + karma I would ask that you pay it forwards by donating it to a charity, op shop, friend or family member who you know may benefit.  NO refunds from the PDF’s because I have absolute faith you will love them!


“Mandala helps me to feel calm, enabling me to drift off to sleep.  It rescues me from the 3am horrors of waking up with life swirling in my head, giving me the strength to leave life until the morning”.    – AL, Accountant

“A big thank-you Susanne, because your words + yoga actually helped me to trust, and to go for it and the outcome has been amazing”.    -SP, Singing Teacher

“Your insights were invaluable and they helped me to remain positive that my dream of being a mother would come true”. – Jo-anne P

“I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your CD. It has taken me to places I have never been before. Thank You!!!”
– Sandra B

“I thank you for the Meditations for Fertility CD and the healing session I had with you just on a year ago as I truly believe they contributed to the arrival of baby Jed into our lives”
– Carlie G

“listening to Susanne’s cd Mandala is so lovely and relaxing that at times when I have had a particularly hard day working as a paramedic her voice is the only thing that can tune out the intruding thoughts”
– Juanita Mac

“On Mandala, there is something about it perhaps something intuitive which doesn’t really make sense because they are the same seven daily spiritual relaxations but it doesn’t matter how many times i might have heard each one, even a month of Sundays, and regardless of the different states and circumstances i might be in, conscious and unconscious, i will always find something new and it will give me exactly what i need. Last night was just one of those occasions, it was way past midnight and i couldn’t sleep with a million thoughts in my head and a body that couldn’t get comfortable so being past midnight meant i would play Wednesdays relaxation ‘let go and just be’ and it was exactly what i needed and i was yet again eternally grateful.”
– Wendy

“This beautifully-presented relaxation CD offers us some wonderful practices to nourish body, mind, emotions & spirit. Together, the seven tracks are a gentle, but powerful journey of healing & transformation, each encouraging us to slow down & let go. Susanne’s extensive experience as a yoga & spiritual healer is clearly evident here. Her soothing voice offers us the opportunity to rest, replenish & absorb healing waves of peace & relaxation. Susanne also gently encourages us to get to know ourselves better & to tap into our well of inner wisdom.”
– F Hyde, Yoga Teacher, principal Williamstown Yoga


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