Space Clearing

Cleanse your space of old stale energy to invite flow, lightness + peaceful vibes to create a true soul home.

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All houses have their own energy (just like us) and some houses feel like a true sanctuary for your feminine spirit and some need a little help.

Your home is your place of comfort, safety and security.  You walk into your home and feel ‘at home‘.   You can tell when your home needs a clearing because it no longer feels welcoming!

In ancient days the home was honoured and considered to have it’s own spirit.   Today our homes seem to have lost their soul and we have lost our soul connection to them. 

How do you know if your energy at home is dirty?

  • It feels unwelcoming + you hate walking into it
  • It feels stale, cluttered, heavy and life feels the same
  • Constant illness (colds), low energy, sore neck, muscle fatigue, not feeling yourself
  • Same issues keep happening + can’t be bothered with anything
  • Arguments
  • Relationships beginning or ending
  • Just moved into a rental or older home
  • Your home is on the market but not selling
  • New career or loss of employment
  • See movement + shapes out the corner of your eye
  • Spirits stuck in the home and you can feel them
  • Homes being broken into around your area
  • Renovations with tradespeople in your home
  • Rental properties and you feel the old owners energy stuck there
  • Evil eye has been placed upon you

A few questions to ponder:

How old is your home?  Who has lived or died there?  We clean our homes every week but could you imagine not cleaning your home since it was built?  Well that’s how much psychic energy is stuck there!  YUK…

Was your home built on Aboriginal land that was a place of a massacre, a burial site or sacred site? I call upon the traditional custodians of the land to bring healing, forgiveness, peace, harmony and balance into the earth.  

A space clearing will clear the energetic grime that cannot be seen only felt.  After the space clearing it will not only look different – it will feel different.

A Space Clearing will restore:

  • The soul of your home so you feel welcomed when you enter
  • Feelings of being ‘at home’ when you close the door on the world
  • Space for something or someone new to enter into your life
  • Relationship harmony – being back on the same page again
  • Life is flowing and feels good
  • Sudden desire to stay home to spring clean your home of clutter
  • The need to stay home + potter around
  • A feeling of space, lightness, ease + flow
  • The knowledge that your home is your healing sanctuary
  • An understanding of how you + your home are closely linked

Insights for your soul home + you:

  • How to bring more joy, soul, warmth  + happiness into your home
  • What you may need to do better or differently
  • Tips on how to keep your home ‘clean’ + ‘clear’
  • How to remain open to the changes that may need to occur

As well as your home being cleansed – this healing will extend to you!  So that both of you are in alignment with each other!


Distant 1hr $120  – inside the home with written insights
Distant 1.5hr $180 – inside + outside the home with written insights
In person 3hr $360 – inside/outside plus written insights, travel time, discussion   

Mobile phone users scroll down after you hit the paypal button to complete your payment.

Distant 1hr – $124.00

Distant 1.5hr – $185.50

In Person 3hr – $371.00

To Book:

To book your space clearing in you can either email or call
Click here for email registration or call Susanne 93973015

Full payment is required prior to book the time in for your space clearing.  Once the date and time has been confirmed you’ll receive an email notifying you of the commencement and conclusion of the space clearing.  Within 24hrs you will receive your written insights about the clearing and what arose.

If you need to cancel or alter your appointment please allow 48hrs notice as alot of preparation goes into these clearings and the healing actually begins from the moment you book your appt.

If you are ready to shift the energy of your home and make it a true soul home …. the book your clearing today!  You will be amazed at the difference it makes!

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