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Create a true soul home…

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Homes have their own energy / spirit which you can often feel before you even walk in as it just has such a good welcoming vibe.  Yet today many homes feel ‘soul-less’…

How do you know if your energy at home is dirty?

  • It feels stale, cluttered, heavy + you hate walking into it
  • Constant illness (colds), low energy, sore neck, muscle fatigue, not feeling yourself
  • Same life + r/ship issues keep happening + you can’t be bothered
  • Rental, older home + home not selling (old owners energy stuck there)
  • New career or loss of employment
  • See movement + shapes out the corner of your eye (spirits stuck in your home)
  • Homes being broken into around your area
  • Tradies or even visitors in the home

A few questions to ponder:

How old is your home?  Who has lived or died there?
Imagine a home that’s never been cleansed + how much psychic energy is stuck there!!! YUK 

Your home maybe on Aboriginal Land which can hold trauma or be a sacred site.
I call upon the ancestors to bring healing, forgiveness + peace to the land + your home.

You cannot see energetic grime but you can sure feel it…

A Space Clearing will restore:

  • The soul of the home + a feeling of space, lightness + flow
  • Happiness to be ‘at home’
  • Space for something or someone new to enter into your life
  • Relationship harmony – being back on the same page again
  • A need to spring clean + potter around your sanctuary for the soul
  • An awareness that you + your home are ‘connected’..

This will also be healing for all who live in the home.


Distant 1hr $120  – inside the home with recording delivered into your inbox
Distant 1.5hr $180 – inside + outside  with recording delivered into your inbox
In person 3hr $360 – inside/outside plus recording of insights, travel time

Mobile phone users scroll down after you hit the paypal button to complete your payment.

Distant 1hr – $124.00

Distant 1.5hr – $185.50

In Person 3hr – $371.00

To Book:

Click here for email registration or call Susanne 93973015

Full payment is required prior.  Your session is recorded and delivered into your inbox.
If you need to cancel/alter your appt please allow 48hrs notice.

If you are ready to shift the energy of your home and make it a true soul home …. the book your clearing today!  You will be amazed at the difference it makes!

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