ElectroCulture ~ The Copper Revolution

My garden is very shaded due to my Frangipani Tree but with Electro-Culture  my herbs, fruit trees + veggies are growing better than ever.   Let’s dive into ElectroCulture…

Copper is a remarkable material …why, how + where to use it

  • Holds the colours + vibrations of the sun ~ golds, pink, red + yellows
  • Copper antennas placed into the soil draws the sun down into the earth
  • Iron, Steel + Plastic are devoid of life force ~ Copper restores energy
  • Op Shops are a great source to find old copper to use in your garden
  • Used for inflammation + pain now bring it into your garden for healing
  • Copper antennas use mother natures goodness ~ which is natural
  • Enhances the chi, prana, ki, life force to uplift the energy of the earth
  • Electro-Culture boosts the yields of your garden
  • Birds + your pets will love it (the cats will lay near the antennas)

Bring ElectroCulture into your garden to enhance + uplift the frequencies of mother earth for her healing.  As humans we take from the earth but this is a beautiful way to give back.

Copper Antennas + how to create them

  • Have fun creating different types of antennas – get the kids involved
  • Ignite your own creativity with using copper, wood, quartz crystal
  • You can use different crystals – I just like raw quartz for the colours it brings
  • Use wood from your own garden as it carries your frequencies
  • Buy copper online (any thickness is ok) or from tradie friends (get uncoated copper)
  • If copper looses its lustre it is still drawing in the sun
  • Tune in to your garden for where the antennas need to be planted
  • Antennas can be a small stick, toothpick or a large 6ft branch
  • Wrap from the base of the wood upward so that copper/wood is planted in the soil
  • Place antennas in shady areas to capture + boost the suns rays
  • A small antenna on an indoor plant will support its growth
  • Think of your copper antenna as an energy vortex

Copper Antennas harness the life force + sacred energy around your garden to heal the plants so they grow better,  soil will be improved + there will be no need for fertilizer (which Monsanto wont be happy about…..but your health will be.
As the beautiful sun beams her healing light down into the copper + quartz crystals know that rays of coloured light will stream down into the earth…  and the earth will exhale in gratitude.

Here is the link for ElectroCulture for beginners with Matt


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