Sacred Sound ~ Sacred Breath

There are many ways to lift the spirit of your sacred space ~ whether that is the house or body you live in.   Here are a few of my fave ways… PS all of these lift brain fog too!

Schumann Resonance ~ Sacred Sound for the spirit of your home…

  • Cleanse the energy of your home when you are out.
  • Ground your energies when you feel scattered or not yourself
  • Siesta with Schumann Resonance for healing of aches, pains, illness + imbalance
  • Prepare for sleep by creating a restful calming space
  • Play a long track softly to induce deep sleep
  • Offers peaceful happy vibes to plants + pets
  • Cleanse the kids rooms in the day to improve sleep, study, health + growth
  • If you are unable to focus play it as background music + deepen your breath

Allow the Schumann Resonance to become a part of your self-care rituals.   It is the highest vibrational frequency.  Some call it the earths heartbeat.   All I know is that I feel better + my house feels lighter.   No words can describe the frequency but you can feel it.

Sacred Inner + Outer Sounds for release, fluidity + healing…

  • Make a playlist to deepen your practice – drums/chanting/sacred song
  • Add a healing OM to your poses or in the space between poses + feel the inner quiet.
  • Open your mouth wide + yawn loudly + often to release the mask of facial tension
  • Let your body s – growl, groan, moan, grunt, swear, sigh, shake  + fart :):)
  • Zoom Yoga on mute – give voice to your aches + pains as you hold + move your body
  • Give voice to buried emotions as you moan, groan, moan, grunt, swear + fart 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • When walking – tune into your body + let the sound of your aches + pains be heard


Sacred Breath to relieve stress, raise your vibration + bring healing

  • Listen to the sound of your breath ~ it’s resonance tells you how you’re really feeling.
  • Play with your exhalation ~ blow, sigh, yawn.
  • Exhale + softly smile + invite the smile into your being.
  • Thymus Tap to release lymph, stagnation of torso, soothes anxiety, stress + tension. Inhale – Exhale slowly + deeply AHHH + tap thymus  with a fist x 6
  • Different sounds to play with Ahhh, Oooo, Vooo, Yumm, Humm

Sacred Stillness ~ to drop down into your depths

  • After your pose come into stillness.  Feel.  Descend. Breathe.
  • Be still with sacred breath to awaken your life force.
  • Be barefoot + still in the earths frequency to ground, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, boost energy, relieve stress + boost your mood.
  • Sit or stand near running water to improve your mood + brain happiness
  • Hug a tree (for blood health/pain).  Trees have an energy circuit which you’re now in.
  • Be in sacred stillness on the earth to listen to her talking to you
  • Sunbathe early morning or late afternoon for healing

Sacred Sound  is healing for us all…..

Invite it in.  Soak it up.   Play.  Unshackle yourself.

A few tracks to get you started….  there are so many.
YouTube Schumann Resonance

Resonance Meditation with Beautiful Chorus
Nikola Tesla 369 code 432hz
Ultimate Solfreggio Sound Bath
Higher Chakras

Send in the Drums

xEnjoy the Sacred

gratitude for google + marilyn doing yoga.