June Spirit Blessings 2023

As we prepare to dive into the dark of Winter my hope is that Spirit Blessings brings warmth + simple healing tips to support happiness + health.

Sun Breath with movement + chant 6.54mins  (do outside under sun or imagine the sun)
Invite soul flow with a graceful flowing movement interwoven with breath to nourish the feminine spirit.

Salt + Sand Healing + Reading 32.45mins
Pearl Essence (Feminine Spirit), Tea Tree EO, Large Intestine Meridian LI 16 Great Bone, Kidney Meridian 1 Bubbling Spring, Schuessler Tissue Salts Combination 12.

Dreaming in the Sounds of Silence Relaxation ~ 8.17mins
Soothe your spirit, be thankful for your body + life, open your mind + be present.


Music is Healing ~ 3.37mins
Bring sound + silence into June to get out of your head + into your heart for healing….

James Asher ~ Send in the Drums 6.00mins
Drums shift energy quickly!  Listen, feel move + feel your radiance coming alive again.
Let it heal the damaged, sore, tired parts of you
Tattoo the earth as you move, sound the drums in your mind, shake your tailfeather.   Move, shake in all different positions.   Let it banish the stale energy in your home.

Then be silent + still as you ground into the earth.  Hear your mind, breath, heart.

Beautiful Chorus ~ Hymn of Healing 8.20mins
The power of ‘mmmm’ – teeth apart, lips barely touching + you will feel a vibration as you listen to the words + switch on your inner light with humming.

The Sound of Music 2mins
Yes!!!  the hills are alive with the sound of music.
Sing along + notice how you feel..  and if you feel like dancing – even better!

Karen Drucker ~ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 3.25mins
Listen to this + do the little stars with your hands!  Its a really beautiful version when you’ve been feeling flat.

Alexa Sunshine Rose ~ Mother of the Water 4.52
Sing yourself home, give your feelings space to be felt + held.   Fluid movements with song to release stagnation, headaches (loosing energy + holding in emotions).
Dance Sister Dance!!!

Feminine Spirit Alchemy…  June Specials
Magnesium Oil with Lavender + St Johns Wort for inflammation, anxiety, pain relief, depression + to invite a good nights sleep + feelings of inner calm…
Spray on your pain points, foot soles, tummy + neck…or where needed.

Pearl Essence which presented in your soul reading x 20 drops (so its needed)…
to let your divine light shine thru, to let your soul voice be heard, to awaken the higher chakras for your evolution.

click here to order your bottle $20 click + collect or $27 with postage.

Choose your own to sing + dance too…
Let this be a month that MOVES you…