Yoga Classes


Feminine Spirit Yoga is one of life’s
simple pleasures where you experience
the healing power of yoga.

Classes resume Friday 12th March

Williamstown Classes:

Feminine Spirit Yoga:

Friday  9.30am – 10.30am  

Empress Studio  (wisc building)
Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown (enter Osborne St)

My beautiful dedicated studio for you to enjoy your yoga in is upstairs at the Williamstown Italian Social Club (WISC) with views of the botanical gardens.  This art deco building was formally known as the Empress Theatre before becoming a social place for  Italian migrants and their families to meet up.

Please text 0419548645 before your first visit
BYO mat…

See you at the Empress!

$23 casual (scroll down for CC payments)

Go to for class updates


Mystic Journey’s ~ Vibrational Yoga

Mystic Journey’s are held on Saturday’s with sacred + power dates and moon themes that speak to me for your deepest healing with vibrational yoga to open the channels for healing, deliciously long healing relaxation with reiki, sound medicine, oracle cards, smudges + so much more.

The next Vibrational Yoga class is: Saturday 26th June.

The Theme is Dream Weaver.
Unfunk yourself + open to your creativity, magic, intention, dreams + feminine source.

Saturday 26th June  9am – 10.15am  – 2 spaces left

vibrational yoga, colour, chakra + crystal healing,  inspirational music, chanting, intention, insights, reiki + deep healing relaxation, crystal + botanical essences, eo’s,  smudge + oracle cards.

A morning dedicated to releasing what you are no longer willing to carry into the new season of Spirit.
Empress Studio (Williamstown Italian Social Club)
Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown

$26.00 EFT (scroll down for CC payment $27.00)

2021 dates

Saturday 29th May ~ Dream Weaver
Saturday 26th June ~ The Womb of Winter ~ go within + let go
Saturday 31st July  ~ Imbolc – celebrate the light returning + boost your inner light
Saturday 28th August ~ theme tba
Saturday 18th September ~ welcome joy + balance
Saturday 23rd October ~ theme tba
Saturday 20th November ~ theme tba
Saturday 11th December ~ (11:12)

Themes are intuitively created + may change according to what insights I receive.

Empress Studio (WISC building)
Level 1 / 30 Garden St Williamstown

$26 casual (scroll down for CC payments)

Go to for class updates

Pop Up Yoga in Nature Williamstown:

Commonwealth Reserve, Nelson Place
Held during the glorious days of Summer, Autumn + Spring
BYO Mat + water, dress in layers

Go to for weekly Pop Up Yoga notifications!


Pricing + Payment:

Studio Yoga
$23.00 casual
$200.00 x 10 week term
$26.00 Mystic Journeys

Pop Up
$20.00 casual

2 classes per week (Studio + Pop Up) $30 casual only
2 classes per week (Studio) $35

Cash accepted on the day
EFT + CC must be finalized prior to class.
All classes are interchangeable
Mobile phone users scroll down after you hit the paypal button to complete your payment.

Studio Yoga

Casual – $24.00

Term Pass – $206.00

Mystic Journeys – $27.00

Pop Up Yoga

Pop UP – $21.00

For classes + updates or click here to add your details to the Yoga email list.

You will love Feminine Spirit Yoga
in nature or at the Empress!


Biz Biography

2020 Shamanic Energy Training ongoing ~ Melbourne
Shamanic Training ongoing ~ Melbourne
Alchemy of Herbs + Essential Oils ~Harriet Herbary ongoing
Herbal Medicina with Peta’s Soul Connections
Holistic Nutrition + Detox Coach Certification  ~ Dr Amy Bali
2016 RAW Food Chef ~ Dr Amy Bali
2014 Facial Blyss Training ~ SFEF Kinesiology
2013 Aromatic Kinesiology Level 1 ~ Robbie Zeck Melbourne
2012 Hawaiian Bodywork + Lomi Lomi Massage ~ Tracey Ha’a a Laka i na pali Melbourne
2011 Personal Empowerment ~ Effectiveness Training Inst Melbourne
2010 Essentials of Craniosacral Therapy ~ Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sydney
2005 Ear Candling ~ Complete Health Melbourne
2003 Professional Investigator ~ Charles Rahim Melbourne
2003 Touch for Health 3~ Ida Lyall Melbourne
2002 Touch for Health 1 + 2~ Ida Lyall Melbourne
2002 Sekhem Level 1 + 2 ~ Ida Lyall Melbourne
2001 Magnified Healing Master ~ Barbara Crereranup Melbourne
2001 Reiki + Seichim Master ~ Lorraine Kivinen Melbourne
1999 Relaxation Massage Cert ~ National Collage of Traditional Medicine
1999 Transforming Human + Soul Counselling ~ Lucille Woods Gita Melbourne
1999 Reiki 1st + 2nd Degree ~ Lorraine Kivinen Melbourne
1996 Esoteric Philosophy + Meditation TT ~ Sivananda Yoga Melbourne
1995 Hatha Yoga Yogasanas + Pranayama TT ~ Sivananda Yoga Melbourne
1986 Hatha Yoga Principle + Relaxation TT ~ BCYC Adelaide

7 thoughts on “Yoga Classes

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thats fine…. as long as you were ok with me responding.
      My website will be soon updated so yoga will be easier to find that what it currently is…

      Friday 9.30am at Kindred..and am looking at adding another class in to support this one.

      Feel free to let me know what you were looking for so I can add that into the mix of requests.
      Hope to see you on the mat

  1. Hi Susanne
    Happy New Year
    Just enquiring about when face to face classes will commence this year ?
    I don’t do Facebook so can’t access latest updates on your site
    Can you give me dates and times

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