8 Days That Changed Me Forever

I have just returned from a holiday to Vietnam with my best friend Lisa who won a trip for two from Oxfam for her volunteer work. We were excited, terrified and so utterly grateful to be given the opportunity to go on this all expenses paid trip to Vietnam.

Susanne and Lisa

As our plane lifted away from terra-firma I knew that this trip would change me forever and it would begin with having to deal with my terror of flying!

I had wanted to create a new life for myself and to do that I needed to make changes within myself and Vietnam was my inspiration to begin. Our journey began in Saigon and over the course of the next 8 days we visited China Beach, where the US forces had their R & R during the Vietnam War, the delightful old town of Hoi An , Ha long Bay which has the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam, to Ha noi with its great cafes, delicious food and French inspired architecture.

At the end of each glorious day Lisa and I enjoyed a medicinal Gin & Tonic as we reflected on what we learnt about ourselves and here is what I discovered…

That my comfort zones were no longer comfortable and it was more frightening to stay stuck in them, so I threw them to the wind, whispering cam on (thank you in Vietnamese) and I began to re-discover the passion for my life and those in it.

Vietnam traffic!

I learnt that the first step in any journey is always the hardest, even if it is just crossing a road in a country where road rules don’t exist.

That when I got out of “my own way” my life actually flowed quite easily and I really enjoyed myself, so I am going to practice getting out of my way now every day!!

I realized that I get caught up in the drama of what may happen and totally miss what is happening.

I discovered that the sentence “I don’t know” can suffice until I do know.

I discovered that we are all on a sacred journey and its in the dramas of our lives that we grow in understanding of just how sacred life is.

I invite you to pause and reflect on what 2011 has taught you about yourself:

  • What are you most proud of?
  • What qualities have you developed this year?
  • What has changed in your relationship with your partner?
  • What changes do you need to make?
  • Can you look back and find gratitude ?.

Blessed be,


Susanne at Ha Long

4 thoughts on “8 Days That Changed Me Forever

  1. Wow, your post brought back wonderful memories for me. What an amazing trip. Thank you for sharing it with me, dear friend.
    X Lisa

  2. it was at a special place in the sky when i met Susanne the first time, she gave me the feeling of pleasant and attractiveness, at that time i gave her a bit of a hand. the more i talked to her the more her good personalities became obvious, she seems to very assure of herself and has a good sense of hummour.

    1. Thank You for Victor.
      Victor offered to hold my hand during my flight home from K.L to Melbourne. Not for the whole flight, just for the take off and landings.
      I hope your hand has now got some feeling back after i squeezed the life out of it!!!

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