Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat ~ 2015

I knew it was going to be a fabulous retreat from the moment the volcano erupted; how could it not be and it was!  Such an amazing group of women who from the opening circle quite simply ‘connected’ with each other.

The yoga bale is integral to the work we do and it reminds me that this is the truth of Bali… we look beyond the shops and spas to the spirit of Bali – the rice fields.  The view alone takes your breath away.

Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 4        Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 5

Running on time was not this retreat’s strong point; I set the tone by sleeping thru my alarm on the 2nd morning and somehow we all managed at some point to be late to something.   I sensed that this was needed to be free of strict timetables and to enjoy the freedom that comes from being on Bali time.         

I like to choose one spa treatment unique to the retreat theme and I chose the Traditional Balinese Mejamas Hair Treatment which uses fresh ingredients such as avocado, aloe vera, neem oil and coconut to help get them ‘out of their heads + into their hearts’.

Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 6        Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 9         FeminineSpirit Bali 22          Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 13     Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 12

The retreat theme was ‘to come home to self’ and I created space in the schedule to gift them time ‘to be’ (the time theme again…) which can be quite confronting if you are used to being a busy bee.   But it’s in the being time that parts of self that have been ignored, lost or suppressed are re-discovered.   They soon realized they had a choice to do something or to do nothing at all – without guilt or judgement.  It’s nice to have a choice!

Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 2           Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 3          ananda2images

The gift of retreat is that you will always get what you need but you won’t always get what you want because what you think you want + what you really need are never the same.  That is why each retreat is totally perfect + offers deep + long lasting  transformation.

“The spa queens” loved to indulge in a spot of pampering and this year I suggested extra treatments to encourage a deeper release and let’s just say we were cleansed inside + out and only the gals will get this joke but we were smoking!

Feminine spirit Bali Retreat 1          Feminine Spirit Bali 20         320

On day 3 everyone would rather pull the covers over their head than attend another freaking yoga class and this year was no exception.   So I threw the yoga class out + turned up the music with a good drum beat with the haunting sounds of the didg and we shook, bounced + shimmied our asses off until all resistance + tiredness was gone and it felt great!

The Dream Map workshop is invaluable within this retreat – it’s here we remember what’s  important, what lifts, revitalizes + excites us so that we can bring more of that into our lives.  Who do you want to spend more time with, what dreams are waiting in the wings and what countries call to you to explore them.  Within this workshop they are able to  envisage a life that feeds their soul and you will never return home from a retreat the same woman who came to it.  You are quite literally re-born!.

Feminine spirit bali retreat 14       Feminine spirit bali retreat 25       Feminine spirit Bali retreat 18       femininespiritbaliretreat41      Feminine spirit bali retreat 24

Soon their eyes were bright, skin was shining and they began to wander down the path to the yoga bale instead of power walking……this is when I know the retreat is on track!

Sometimes the shifts are subtle and for others the shift is as subtle as a sledgehammer….  we had it both ways!  For me personally; I always am shown what I most need to learn, change or heal.

Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 15     FeminineSpiritbaliretreat26     Femininespiritbaliretreat37

Even though I do the ground work within the yoga + reiki; the obvious magic happens with Trudy’s Bali Glow makeover.  There is something about make-up and everyone ooohing + ahhing and saying how fabulous you look with each stroke of her makeup brush.  I have watched super serious women become young girls again in this workshop and you are never to old to re-learn how to highlight your best features…

and then the Bali Goddesses had arrived…

May I introduce you to the 2015 Bali Goddesses…..

Feminine spirit bali retreat 26    Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 28    Feminine spirit bali retreat 29     Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 30    Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat 31

Femininespiritbaliretreat31     Femininespiritbaliretreat32     Femininespiritbaliretreat33    Femininespiritbaliretreat34    femininespiritbaliretreat35     Femininespiritbaliretreat38  femininespiritbaliretreat42

On our last morning we gathered at the yoga bale to give thanks to the spirit of Bali, to each other, to ourselves and to our future….

When I left the Bali Goddesses and headed off on my own I really missed them….  I missed their vibrancy, the joy on their faces when they looked at the rice fields, the laughter as we talked about the latest treatment they had squeezed in, the shopping purchases and finally I missed the colour that they bought into my life but I know it will not be long until I see them again because they were connected now on a very deep level that cannot be seen only felt.



 Thank You Susanne + Trudy for this fabulous week of self-nurturing and rediscovering my soul-feminine self.  I joined the retreat wanting to re-claim myself, rejuvenate, recharge and find my ‘sparkle’.  I did all that and more, including making some beautiful new friends.
Thank You
LW – Kinesiologist



This was my fourth retreat with Susanne & Trudy, every year has been different. The dynamics of all the different women makes each so very unique.
I started to do this retreat to get through my grieving process after losing my dear husband very quickly. Both Susanne & Trudy have helped me and continue to help me immensely with being alone but not lonely.
They both have become true friends.
The retreat is very nurturing & transforming.
I thank them both from the bottom of my heart & soul.
Prism of Light
Bali Goddess