August themes ~ “Anchor, Consolidate + Prioritize”

Sorry lovely for being so late with this.
After a few weeks away from the ‘pewter’ whilst on retreat in Bali, I have not felt inspired to sit at my desk at all.  But today i awoke reading to step back into my routine.  So let’s go…
I felt August started in chaos and it still feels this way to me – does it to you to?

It’s so important to use your time wisely in doing things that keep you grounded, balanced, organized, clear and focused.   It’s very easy to be distracted (Facebook, Pinterest + IG + texting is great for this).  However, August is choosing to be laser focused rather than distracted by ….crap!

July to me is the ‘hump month’ and it’s one reason I always have the Bali Retreat in July because it helps to clear the heaviness of the first six months of the year and creates inspiration for the year ahead.   The first half of 2015 has gone so don’t drag it into the second half!  Let it go….

What to do and how to do it:

  • Write a daily + weekly priority list with YOU at the top
  • Eliminate what you don’t need or what isn’t important off your priority list
  • What is on your list must feel right instead of what you think should be on it
  • What do you need to finalize, close or consolidate from July?
  • Write down your vision for the 2nd half of 2015 to anchor/ground it
  • Stop wasting your time – it’s way to precious
  • Stop checking FB or emails first thing in the morning (time how long you do spend doing this + put this time into your health with a yoga pose or a few minutes of meditation)  and see you really do have time!
  • Is everything really your responsibility at home or work? Ask or delegate
  • If your relationship is important to you – take time for it
  • In a relationship rut – notice what you don’t notice
  • Clean out the fridge

If you have aches + pains this is your bodies way of trying to communicate.  It is saying ‘hey there is an issue here… pay attention NOW!

Notice how many times you say to yourself or others “I don’t have time” and then begin to become aware of how and where you waste time.  It will scare you – trust me!

Whilst on retreat in Bali I realized just how much time Social Media was taking up and it was like a drug that I couldn’t ween myself from.  Today feel so much more grounded and was able to easily put my body + soul before SM.    Meditation before Facebook will ensure you begin your day feeling connected + engaged with YOU…

2015 theme for the month of August:
Be the Queen that you are


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