Fur Baby Reflexology! Woof Woof, Meow…

Our pets play such a huge role in our lives so much more than what they did in bygone days and for many of us our animals are now a part of our family and we would feel lost without them.

Old man Steve is riddled with arthritis and doesn’t like to be patted anywhere but on his head, his ears or under his chin.
I wanted to be able to help him feel more at ease in his body; so as we watch TV at night I   began to lightly massage his outer ears, face or hold his paws and he would soon be asleep as the energy would flow to the corresponding organs, glands or structures of his body.

I love reflexology myself; so why wouldn’t Steve?  I feel so relaxed + calm and I often sleep through the treatment and have a fantastic sleep that night.  So how can it not help him?

I recommend reflexology to many of my clients to help with draining the body of toxins + to encourage energy flow so why wouldn’t it help our beloved pets?

I have to be honest this is easier to do if you begin from when they are puppies and kittens but Steve is enjoying it so far and I feel like he is a little more sprightly too!

When you touch the feet, outer ears and face this can affect their whole body in a positive way.  The human ear resembles a fetus in the womb with the lobe as the head and for cats I sense it’s the same.   Our face has  connections to acupuncture points, meridians and nerve endings so why wouldn’t theirs?

If Steve was able to bear any pressure on his spine, I would do some slow strokes from the neck down to the tail to calm the nervous system.

Animals and their hoomans are said to share the same anatomy, physiology, energy centres,  emotions, stress and they even get the same health conditions too!

Really it will be no different that how you are patting them now but you will now know that you are benefiting them through this simple power of healing touch.   What feels nice for you will mostly feel nice for them and I wonder if it triggers memories of their mama’s cleaning them when they were babies?

You maybe thinking ‘but my cat/dog sleeps all day’ and just how is he/she stressed out?  Well; you maybe be surprised just how our busy/stressful life may affect them.  If you are a stress head then your fur baby may take that on.  I have seen many cancer patients whose dogs take on their ailment and end up with health issues too.

I would suggest fur baby massage/touch if you have moved, are renovating, fighting within the household, if you are using toxic cleaning chemicals  and especially if you or your family have been sick.

Don’t be scared you are massaging the wrong part…you will seem them relax and you will know you are on the right track!

When we massage or hold someone we love we are giving them ‘our love’ from our heart to theirs via our hands (the hands are a symbol of our heart) and safe touch strengthens our connection to them.  By massaging your fur baby you will give back to them…what they give to you ~ unconditional love!

A friend of mine has recommended the book ‘The Healing Touch’ by Dr Michael W Fox.