The theme for July is “All is as it should be”

Keep repeating ‘all is as it should be’ to help you stay in that beautiful space of trust and deep knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.   
I do feel that I keep repeating myself that every month is a good month to heal the wounds of the past.   But it’s true….never stop addressing those wounds, never stop unpacking the bags that you are carrying around for way too long, never stop updating your attitudes, beliefs and patterns to suit where you are in your life.

This month you may find people will annoy you, situations will push your button, and challenges will make you overly emotional, one minute you will feel like a she devil and the next minute a saint with a halo!  The thing to always remember that what is happening to you is a very good reflection of what is really going on within you!.

Finally; if things aren’t working for you this month perhaps you need to look deeper at yourself.

Acts of loving kindness for July:

  • Trust, trust and then trust some more and then repeat
  • Don’t get caught up with things or people of low vibration
  • Balance your work with rest or play
  • For an aching heart get out into nature
  • If you need to rest – rest; if you need to dance – dance; if you need to sing – sing
  • Move energy through your body with acupuncture, massage, chiro or healing work
  • Deal with your issues as a mature, wise, knowing, powerful woman
  • NO martyrdom, no blaming, no temper tantrums, no princess behaviour
  • What has been swept under the carpet within relationships needs to be addressed
  • Be 100% responsible for yourself within ALL your relationships
  • Watch your reactions

Do all the above and it will be a great month of freedom to live the way you want to live…

In closing this month; remember to breath and think before you speak and act and above all always remember beautiful woman….you are always enough!