Feminine Spirit Ultimate Bali Retreat 2014

A fabulous retreat was enjoyed by all….I don’t think I have laughed so much on a retreat as this one and it showed me the power + soul medicine that a good laugh brings!
I remember meeting our group one night for dinner + not quite sure where they would be sitting; it was the laughter that gave it away and when I saw them I could only pause for a moment to gaze at their happy faces + big smiles!  As the retreat continued the laughter grew louder and our smiles grew broader and friendships were created!

Pleasure is one of our themes on the Ultimate Bali Retreat and let me tell you the women soak it up!  From the get go they were all so excited to be on the retreat and that lighthearted energy set the tone for the retreat ~ happiness, laughter, ease, joy + gratitude.  Trudy and I both knew that this retreat was going to be fabulous!

Ubud is chock-a-block full of healthy RAW + Vegetarian cafes and we delight in sharing our passion for fresh living food, juices + smoothies to gently detox the body within days everyone noticed how much lighter they felt.  Everyone got into the spirit of ‘health’ except on our last night when we enjoyed a cocktail or two and some late night shopping in Ubud + then discovered a divine French patisserie that begged us inside!  Remember; its about pleasure!

This year we got to enjoy the large Yoga Bale; set in the middle of the jungle  which kept us cool during the Bali heat.  The walk to the Bale each day was spectacular and everyday the ladies walked it a little slower!
Trudy taught a yang flow style yoga each morning to energize and awaken; whilst I gave an afternoon relaxation class with reiki to shift the energetic blocks as well as a little spiritual nourishment!

On the Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat we offer unique spa treatments to nourish + pamper the ladies.  Often they go off to enjoy their treatments unaware of the incredible changes that are taking place as each treatment is chosen for its healing benefits and links closely to the theme of the day.

This year we enjoyed the eco-beauty product workshop with Trudy to discover the best organic/vegan + cruelty free beauty products with some great info shared by Julie who specializes in Organic products.

We create a spaciousness retreat schedule to allow for shopping (naturally), cooking school, relaxed chatting at the cafe over a coffee or coconut water,  snoozing, swimming, reading by the pool or getting a mani + pedi with nail art!

By the time the Bali Glow workshop with Trudy arrived they needed very little adornment because they were already shining ~ they were now Bali Goddesses….  and I know you will agree!

I know the  laughter + generosity of spirit shared by the Bali Goddesses on this retreat increased the healing benefits without 1 single button being pushed!

Transformation occurs when both the inner + outer self is cleansed + nourished and we really focused on that this year and I am naturally keeping some secrets so that I don’t give too much away for next year!

Our final breakfast together was at the most divine Organic cafe where the Balinese owner was teaching a group of children chanting……..
So we hushed + enjoyed his beautiful voice + guitar and paused in gratitude…… and it seemed the perfect way to close the retreat.

Does this sound amazing?   Would you like to discover more; if yes, follow the link to visit the 2015 Feminine Spirit Bali Retreat information page!
We know you will love what you discover…