Weekly Inspirations ~ end of the financial year…

As the financial year draws to a close ~ it is like any ending + new beginning ~ there can always be a little resistance surfacing.Write a list about what you desire for the new financial year and ask yourself the following questions?
What area of your life requires you to be more vocal + dynamic?  Where have you been stuck in indecision and unable to move forwards?

Over the next 24 – 48hrs make a choice about something that you know is long overdue and in doing so you will free up your life force which will support you in taking confident steps forward in your life.

Focus on how it will feel when you make the decision and take those liberating steps…..

Your to-do-list

  • Take a step toward a dream
  • Pay off a debt, build up savings + strengthen your financial position
  • Attend a sound healing, meditation or relaxation class (so its not just about the physical aspect)

What is your goal for the next financial year?