Weekly Inspirations ~ 1st – 6th July

Undo the straps of the straight jacket and take a deep breath and sigh it away….
Slow down and simplify your life; does it all need to be done in this moment in time?If you find yourself holding on to your past, to past relationships or to what hasn’t worked then this is the absolute perfect time to book a coach, therapist or healing to clear it.
My history is American so we do celebrate the 4th of July (Independence Day) and it is a timely reminder to do the necessary work needed to let go of what/who keeps you imprisoned.  It is time to be free and abundant and that is available in the present (not in the past or future).

The theme of July is “UNFOLDING” and you will be unable to blossom if you are tightly wound/bound up.
Do more of what untangles your nervous system and mind.
Eat foods that are easy to digest
Create a spacious weekend to allow you to be open to what comes, what feels good + what is right for you…

BE mindful, BE flexible, BE open, BE happy, BE conscious + BE in your heart……. this is how to live your life this July…

How will you create the perfect environment for you + your life to unfold?
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