The Theme for July is "THE UNFOLDING"

July will be a beautiful month ~ if you let it!

The theme of June (choice) will still be experienced because of the choices + decisions you made or didn’t make and July will ask you to witness what comes because of those choices ~ or lack of.

If you like to control your life and everyone in it then you may find July a bit more challenging but if you can allow the unfolding to occur as it’s meant to; it will be liberating!
What would happen if you took your hands off the steering wheel of life for a short time?  As a recovering control freak I can assure you that it will free up so much energy for you and it may make those you share your life with feel a little more relaxed too!

The universe will be giving you signs to let you know when things are unfolding as they should be…But what does a sign look like?

  • Something is unfolding very easily with no stress or drama + it feels good
  • The right people show up at the right time saying the right thing
  • Everything just feels ‘like its perfect and meant to be’…

Ask yourself, how would  that feel for you?  How would you live your life? Your answer will be what is needed to fuel your soul needs for July.

There is so much sport with tennis, soccer + the Commonwealth Games around the corner so let this be your inspiration to get healthy + fit!
A time of moving + taking action but only if done with awareness!

If you make the decision to stay closed minded, stuck or unable to make a decision that may change your life you may experience higher levels of impatience, anger and doubt with a double dose of denial, criticism, judgement and triple dose of wallowing in woe is me!
If you choose to allow yourself to stay in these states then you will miss the subtle beauty + immense power of July.
Are you ready to blossom + unfolding like a beautiful rose to the sunlight or do you want to stay stuck in mud?

THRIVE in July:

  • Watch what you are choosing to feed yourself with ~ is it nourishing, is it compatible + good for you?
  • Is the company you are keeping inspiring and supporting you?
  • Listen to your spoken + unspoken words ~ are they loving or unkind?
  • Focus on what feeds your life’s vision
  • What is your soul medicine?  Bring it into your life or discover what it is..
  • Receive compliments with a simple ‘thank you’
  • Release the shoulda, coulda + woulda’s ….they are related to your past.
  • Do more of what restores clarity, confidence + calmness
  • Let your choices + decisions come from the heart + see if that changes anything
  • Notice what you notice + be present to what is

Let go + Let be ….
Because it will all turn out OK in the end.!

Quote of the month
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom!
Anais Nin

Inspired by the words of Mystic Mama, Power Path, Nova + Living Now