Weekly Inspirations ~ 7th – 13th July

Open the windows + be aware of the magic + mystery of life all around you this week.

  • Acknowledge the beauty of life + the beauty within others
  • Stay connected to those who are on the same path as you…..
  • Be with those who feed your soul
  • Do more of what nourishes + engages your spirit
  • Do more of what strengthens your foundations + makes you feel empowered, inspired, vibrant, engaged, connected + YOU
  • Epsom Salts bath to cleanse the aura of any toxic energy
  • Stay clear of those who are angry, critical, resisting or sabotaging themselves + their success
  • Be very protective of your sensitivity
  • Be aware of everything that is happening around you….
  • Be open to new projects or ideas that really get you excited
  • Can you be open to what is unfolding in your life?  try it + see what happens…

As you awaken for the new day take a moment to:

  • Create an intention for your day
  • See yourself as you want to be – happy, healthy, peaceful etc
  • Connect with your breath, body + feelings

As you prepare for sleep take a moment to:

  • Be grateful for 3 things from your day
  • Acknowledge where you felt abundant in your day
  • Reflect on your intention that you made in the morning ~ did it come to pass?

What are 3 things you are ready to open up to?
What is a decision you need to make that could change your life?
Where are you resisting in your life?  What is one step you could take to move beyond resisting?


Please add your thoughts to the comments below …