Feminine Spirit Ultimate Bali Retreat 2014

A fabulous retreat was enjoyed by all! I don’t think I have laughed so much on a retreat as this one and it showed me the power + soul medicine that a good laugh brings!I remember meeting our group one night for dinner + not quite sure where they would be sitting; it was the laughter that gave it away and when I saw them I could only pause for a moment to gaze at their happy faces + big smiles!  As the retreat continued the laughter grew louder and our smiles grew broader and friendships were created!

Pleasure is one of our themes on the Ultimate Bali Retreat and let me tell you the women soak it up!  From the get go they were all so excited to be on the retreat and that lighthearted energy set the tone for the retreat ~ happiness, laughter, ease, joy + gratitude.  Trudy and I both knew that this retreat was going to be fabulous!