Weekly Inspirations ~ 23-29th June

Do you remember the theme for June?  It is  “CHOICE”!

  • Are you making choices that lift your energy, allow you to stay in balance, focused + excited about your life?
  • Are you making an intention each morning to feel feel happy, healthy, to look vibrant + fabulous?
  • Are the choices you are making in life bringing you more of what you want?

Own your choices + decisions this week; all of them….the good, the bad + the ugly.

  • Continue to make positive life choices that enhance your vitality, spirit + life…
  • Notice the areas where you are deferring to others or unable to make a choice.

What am I choosing this week? Well; I choose me!  I am getting back to juicing + RAW foods to support the health of my heart.  I can feel a difference already!

I would love to know what you are choosing this week?


Inpsired by Wellbeing, Nova, Living Now + Power Path

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