My top 5 ways to soothe anxiety….

My 5 top tips to soothe Anxiety…

I wanted to share what I have learned as a healer but also what helped me during my own experiences with anxiety.  Personally, I no longer have anxiety, it stopped as suddenly as it began but I do remember feeling powerless because it seemed to be controlling me!  I supported myself with diet, early nights, treatments and I am not sure what was the final piece of the puzzle but it stopped as quickly as it began!  At the bottom of this page I will share what the last thing I did before Anxiety disappeared from my life!  and this is what I learn’t.

So; lets begin by discovering who anxiety likes to hang with ~ fear, worry, powerlessness, hopelessness, helplessness.  Anxiety is present more often when we feel stuck in life, unable to make choices, or when other people or life are making all the decisions for us and finally it can be involved with a little self sabotage + being a victim!
Oh dear!  There are so many layers to anxiety; so can I ask you begin by treating yourself with kindness whilst you are experiencing it?   How does that sound ?  and if you keep reading to the end ~ there is a nice surprise for you!

Lets begin….

No 1…GET CLEAR. If you knew 100% knew what was causing your anxiety what would you say it was?
Now….. your 1st response will be “I don’t know” but close your eyes, drop down into your heart AND if you did know what was causing your anxiety ~ what would you say?  I do this for anytime I answer a question with “I don’t know” ~ try it you will amazed!

When you do experience your anxiety?
~ Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to be superwoman + too busy?
Evening ~  Has the day taken too much energy from you?
All Day ~ there is something deeper needing to be addressed ~ do you know what it is?
Periods/Peri men-o-pause ~ What aspects of your life are draining you?

In what area of your life are you over-committed ?     What do you know needs to be done differently?  What is the 1 step you could take to make a change?
By getting clear you can begin to access your strengths + perhaps gain a fresh perspective on your health + lifestyle..

No 2 ~  Present Moment Meditation ~ to help you feel more connected, empowered + open to what is….
Get curious about your anxiety by getting to know it ~ its trying to tell you something!

  • Sit or lay + rest your hands over the part of you that feels the anxiety + breath softly into it + blow the breath away until empty
  • Notice any emotions or feelings that surface without judgement
  • Ask yourself these questions – listen to the response + act upon what you hear….
  • How am I feeling?  What am I focusing on?  What do I need?   What can I do NOW to soothe my anxiety?


No 3. Protect your vulnerability,  energy + emotional heart

  • Reduce your kids after school/weekend activities to reduce midweek stress + time to chill on weekends
  • Go to bed @ 9.30pm to soothe the adrenals restore + enjoy a sleep in until 9am as often as possible
  • Detox from the news, violent/graphic shows, print + social media +drama
  • At night massage hands, feet, ears + a good shoulder/neck massage does wonders!
  • Run a bath with bubbles, candles, aromatherapy oils + put on a face masque + enjoy
  • Eat energizing foods + start the day with water to help elimination + add Celtic or Himalayan Salt to your diet
  • Make a decision about something that you have been putting off
  • Walk in nature to restore personal power
  • Increase laughter + relaxation
  • Make a choice to say YES to what enhances your energy, health + happiness daily .

No 4 Guided Relaxation
Long term anxiety wrecks havoc on the bodily systems; you just cant see the devastation until your health begins to suffer + you don’t know why!  Guided relaxation will restore your energy so that you can meet life’s challenges rather than trying to survive or recover from them.

To coincide with this post on Anxiety I am offering a fantastique special on my CD “Mandala ~ Daily Spiritual Relaxations” ~ it is such a healing + transformational CD and in fact I sold many to Australians living in New York after Sept 11 who were suffering anxiety/panic attacks.  Click on the link to read more…..

No 5. Remedies + Recipes for Calm


Harmony Blend by Martin + Pleasance ~ available at Health Food Shops … there are 3 styles of Harmony Blends to suit where you are at in your life.
I recommend this to so many clients and all have noticed a difference within 24hrs….I use this myself and believe in its powers! 



Aromatherapy Oils for Anxiety are…  Lime to soothe, Lemon to restore clear thinking, Grapefruit to help with positive thinking, Lavender to nurture + Rose on those days when you need to be kinder to yourself.  Put a drop on a tissue + pop into your bra so you can keep inhaling its benefits through your day.

Tonic of Calm
1 tsp grated ginger, 1 ttsp of apple cider vinegar + 1 tsp honey….  add warm water for a tonic or hot water for a tea + enjoy.

Therapies that I love + recommend
Acupuncture, Reiki, Kinesiology and Boxing (yes I know ~ but I have had clients who have had great success with it)

Congratulations you made it to the end of this epic post!  But that is what dealing with anxiety is like ~ its epic!
As a valued member of the Feminine Spirit Community ~ I would love to offer you an opportunity to understand what is contributing to this condition and to offer you something that I know will help you!

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Ok!  I promised I would share what was the final thing I did to rid Anxiety ~ I told it to “f—- off”  cos I am over feeling anxious, I have nothing to fear and am not putting up with this s—- anymore! I was alone and could speak aloud + forceful.  I made the decision not to take it (or anyone else’s s—- anymore)!  It worked + that was 5 months ago!

I would love to know 3 ways that you soothe your anxiety with?
Please share this post with anyone that you know is experiencing anxiety….