My top tips for empowered fertility

If you need support to navigate yourself through this life changing journey so that you can remain connected + empowered within yourself and your life…… then you are in the right place!  Some of what I may offer will fly in the face of what you have been told or have read in the past.  Accept what feels right + let go of the rest…

Try a new healing therapy:
When you try something new your energy shifts on all levels + stubborn blockages can be released.  Here are my faves – Intuitive Healing, Reflexology, Cranial sacral, kinesiology, myofascial + colonic hydrotherapy.

Not sure?  Ask your body what it needs + trust it’s wisdom..

Listen to your energy:
Your energy doesn’t lie.  As an example; if you want to learn French + when you think about taking a class you get excited and this lifts your vibration and your immune system, restores positive thinking and basically you feel good.

Be more discerning with what you are putting your time + energy into and begin to notice who lifts or drains your energy.

Tell your tribe what you are going thru:
You are not an island! Allow yourself to be supported by those who care about you.
This is about YOU expressing your truth, feelings and needs so that you can focus on creating a new life within.

Keeping a secret blocks the energy of the sacral + throat both of which are vital for conception.

Detox diet, mind, home, life + relationships
I once had a client who was extremely overweight + unhealthy due to a daily diet of Coke  + McDonalds (which her doctor said was not an issue); she was so shocked when I said she had to choose between junk or baby!  She began immediately to detox not just her diet but her entire life + 4 months later they were pregnant! 

  • Clean up issues within family or relationships that have been swept under the carpet
  • Go on a mental diet from gossip, negative speech, thoughts, past stories + the news
  • Address any longstanding health issues
  • Heal imbalances with your menstrual cycle i.e. bloating, constipation + mood swing

    Do one thing at a time so you can see the difference with your health.

Don’t become a martyr:

  • If you dine out enjoy a good glass of wine with a delicious meal
  • If you love chocolate buy artisian, RAW chocolate or make your own healthy version
  • Don’t overindulge and don’t indulge with guilt !
  • Ask your cravings what you are really hungry for + give it to yourself (it’s often love)

Create your own support team:

  • Choose a doctor that respects your desire to explore natural therapies
  • If you do not like or trust your doctor your energy will shut down to protect you
  • Create a nest of creature comforts + allow your home to nurture you
  • Seek support if you have a background of abuse if IVF triggers this

Talk to mothers:

  • They may have walked a mile in your shoes + can offer guidance + support.
  • Investigate what feelings they bring  up for you + seek support to clear this

In the East they will encourage a woman who is trying to conceive to spend time with those who have achieved their dream of being a mother.

I once had a client who became angry when  she saw a pregnant woman; so I encouraged her to talk to them about her fertility journey.  She realized many of them had also been on this journey and they understood and they became a new source of connection + support .

Having said that; there will always be some people who do not get it – so practice discernment about who you speak to + how much you share.

Miscarriages + stillbirth + terminations need to be cleared energetically otherwise this can cause blockages on all levels with your fertility.   Grief shuts down the reproductive centre and an intuitive healing can clear this + I will give you some great tips to support the healing.  When you restore empowerment you feel good and when you feels good your energy flows, you feel more positive, your heart is happy and your womb listens…

Yoga for Fertility DVD + Meditations for Fertility CD
When you take time out of your day to practice yoga + relaxation you are sending a very powerful message to the universe + magic can happen!

The Feminine Spirit Fertility products will help you to feel more relaxed, calm + confident.
You will feel more empowered with your fertility, which means you will be less likely to be pushed + pulled by those around you.  These products will offer you the tools you need to retreat from the busy world to nourish your body, mind + spirit.

This are my own views on what works from many years from my own fertility journey and in guiding many other women along this life changing path.

I would love to hear your thoughts or if you wish to book an intuitive healing