Weekly Inspirations ~ 13th – 19th April

April could be fun if you are open to expecting the unexpected; if that’s you – good on you  BUT if you are a control freak – well life could be a bit of a struggle (it’s a choice though!).

April is like a rollercoaster ride – fabulous highs, dips, turns + scary lows that require you to just keep steering but trusting when you need to stop, change direction or keep going.

After the food frenzy of Easter, it is now time to get back on track with healthy cuisine, early nights, inspiring people, exercise to keep your vibe high.  If you laze around like a beached whale you will find yourself spiraling downward + that ain’t good!  Moving is key!

Get over defining yourself from your past especially if it relates in anyway to “martyr, victim + survivor” – find a new word that feels really good + empowers you when you say it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or out of control – spend time pottering around home until you feel more grounded but if you are feeling amazing – get out into the world + enjoy!

Acts of Love:

  • Book a healing to cleanse + expand your energetics
  • Bring colour into your outfit that makes you feel divine
  • Get creative at home or in your garden
  • Pay attention to what lifts your energy + focus on that
  • If something feels boring, safe + very routine – take notice of your energy
  • Be flexible with the little things to help you experience life on a bigger scale
  • If your body is aching get active to assimilate the new energies of the year
  • Feeling restless?  Take a step towards something
  • Have fun
  • Stay in the middle ground or neutral with everything + everyone

2015 trend for this week:
The need for adventure is a key theme this week – so have you got into a safe routine?  feeling a little bored? so start something that feels new + fresh for you.
You just need to work out what your idea of adventure is?  If you have been feeling pretty flat – trust me adventure will spark you up!

I will allow the words of Nike to close this post “Just do it”