Weekly Inspirations ~ 6th – 12th April

What a month already!  It does feel a little crazy but you know what – this is good CRAZY! 
Use early April to continue to ‘let go’ of anything that constricts you and continue to improve your flexibility of body + mind.

As  a healer I believe that April is not about healing your wounds or re-hashing your stories because I feel you will benefit more from massage, chiro, cranial sacral, osteo, miofascial, yoga and dancing to restore balance from the core to surface.

This month I personally believe music will be of great importance, having fun, laughter, living not surviving and being in the present NOW.

Have you read April’s themes?  This will give you some tips for the month too!

Daylight savings is over 🙁 and that can disrupt your energies especially if you are someone who doesn’t like change; so you may feel you are in no man’s land or afloat at sea without an anchor, neither here nor there – or all of them at once!

If you were like me and indulged in one too many hot cross buns + way to much chocolate then allow the rest of April to be a cleaner diet with less processed foods + more RAW.
You may go through a few days of feeling yuk as the body detoxes but it will settle + you will be back to feeling fab.

Acts of Love:

  • If plans change something better will be coming along
  • Eat slow cooked foods
  • Get back to basics to ground your energies (housework, gardening, cleaning the car)
  • Get off the couch and go for a walk on a different route
  • Play music whilst cooking that has a great beat + you know the words
  • Think outside the box if you have your own biz
  • Create balance in all that you do
  • Watch for martyrdom, blame, anger or resentment + reflect on the why
  • Keep your vibe high with good friends, creativity, fun + excitment
  • Celebrate anything + everything (why not?)
  • Attend Yoga on Friday’s 9.30am at Kindred Studios to expand your energies
  • Watch your language + delete “I can’t” or  “I won’t”
  • Be mindful as to who or what takes your energy

Things are changing and it may not all be very clear at the moment – but all is as it should be…

2015 trend:
This year relates to the 1960’s rise of the feminine power where women were demanding change loudly + proudly.   But in 2015 it is deeper and we are being asked to go within ourselves and to change from our depths.  This will have a powerful ripple affect out into the world.