Uptown funk, downtown blues + shake your booty!

April is the month to dance to a new tune that get’s you grooving + feeling goooood!
The lead up to April has been crazy intense with old issues re-surfacing with a dash of anxiety, fear + doubt and you want it all to return to normal.  But do you really?  The normal is what’s held you back; so aren’t you ready for something new + better?
This resonates for me as I have struggling to embrace my new life because I have been hanging on so tight to my old comfort zones, routine + order leaving me feeling out of sync + unable to savour the beauty of spending more time at our beach shack at Oliver’s Hill.   I am the only one responsible for me; so I created some new high vibe routines to shift my energy; meditation overlooking the ocean, beach walks, gardening + taking action on a biz idea that I have procrastinated about and now I am embracing a dream becoming my reality!

Your April to-do list:

  • Do new things that you don’t normally do
  • Wear new colours, clean out your wardrobe, take a risk
  • Watch for synchronicity, opportunities, chance meetings…
  • Dream big, bigger, BIGGER and for it cos it’s all possible; you just gotta trust
  • Let go + stop dwelling on the negative
  • Say no to invitations with people who drag you down
  • Raise your vibration thru food, people, colour, meditation, yoga, nature + what you are reading + watching
  • A month of extremes so don’t get attached to your downer
  • Wipe the slate clean + be the artisian and create a ‘new story’
  • Increase your flexibility of body + mind
  • Do more of what expands your boundaries
  • Re-connect + feed your relationship to YOU with love + inspiration
  • Re-freshen your home with a mini make-over + add colour + creativity
  • Put music on + dance and sing to shift a negative mindset
  • Do more of what feels good,  that stokes your creative fire + ignites your inspiration
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff especially if it’s not yours
  • Things may fall apart but they will come back bigger + better
  • Let go of trying to heal old emotional wounds + re-hashing the same old shite
  • Make the decision to start a new chapter
  • Stop rehashing + analyzing the past + why your life is not what you want
  • Make the decision to START a new chapter….

Use this first week to say YES to things that float your boat, get excited, enjoy the new, the fun stuff that feeds you and makes you feel alive…

Gotta go; the garden is calling….



2 thoughts on “Uptown funk, downtown blues + shake your booty!

  1. Can’t wait to heart about the biz idea…. and to watch you achieve your dreams. I know you can do it and you deserve it xxx

    1. Oh thanks Jody!
      You have heard the idea many times……its now time to implement the idea.

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