Weekly Inspirations ~ 30th March – 5th April

A time to release, re-create and revive and it is up to you do this for yourself!   
reflect over what has surfaced for you since the 21st March Solar Eclipse especially if it relates to personal power.  Did you make a stand with your power?   Power relates to the solar plexus chakra and belly issues, restlessness or anxiety may have been heightened.

Already in 2015 you have been shown what you need to feel more radiantly alive + passionately on purpose but what daily habits do you need to release to move into this way of living.  Do you want to stay the same or change?

Between the two eclipses there will be insights, ah-hah moments and opportunity to change because there will be the most intense light being shone on what ain’t working.

Acts of Love:

  • Finalize anything outstanding from March (before April 1)
  • Book a massage + ask them to massage your belly area
  • Pop a hot water bottle over your belly to soothe any discomfort
  • Book a healing to ‘power up your intentions’ + take action
  • Make use of new energy + go for walks in the Autumn sun
  • Release what blocks your inner authority + dulls your direction
  • Release Release Release with ease
  • Revive with BFF time or a good book
  • What does revive your feminine spirit?  Well do it!

2015 Trend for this week:

  • Be more accepting of yourself
  • Have good boundaries with others
  • This week is an unknown canvas; so go + create something new for YOU
  • The relationship with ‘self’ has a ripple affect …. so love you more this week!