Weekly Inspirations ~ 23rd – 29th March

So what to do with this new high vibe energy pulsing around within you; changing you forever; when the world looks exactly the same?

Time to integrate the NEW YOU after the cleansing of energetic debris  over the last 3 years.  OWN the lessons you learned because no-one can do this work for you.

Have you lost focus with your vision for the NEW YEAR – NEW YOU?  Did you take a leap of faith but now you are totally freaking out?   Slow down and take baby steps to allow for integration + clarity.

The NEW YOU is being put to the test – soooo take a deep breath and bravely step back on your path + allow yourself to be guided by your heart.

Do you honour your inner child?  I loved to read as a child and on this cold + wet Melbourne day I am going to bake something yummy, make a cuppa, snuggle under a blanket + read.  Today; Monday is my MEday.  What calls to you?

You are not the same woman you once were; are you?  Even the weekend has changed you because the integration of the NEW YOU continues.

Acts of Love:

  • Acknowledge how far you have come over the last 3 years
  • Celebrate that you have faced your demons + come out the other side (illumination)
  • Continue to release what or who does not empower you
  • Do what is important + leave the rest till later
  • Be clear with what you are envisioning for 2015 – don’t ask if you are not ready
  • Continue to clean out what is ready to be released
  • Clear overwhelm from you leap of faith by booking a healing
  • Honour the inner child this week by doing what she would love
  • The NEW YOU requires more high vibe choices to be made in relation to power
  • You are supported by the universe – even it it doesn’t feel like it
  • Get clear on how you wish to be treated at all times
  • Focus on your health + make the choice ‘to be well’ as health + power are linked
  • Address beliefs + patterns regarding ill health
  • Remember you have the power with your health + life…

YOU my dear woman are the CHANGE you want to see in the world….

Breathwork for this week:

Inhale   –  pain or stress or whatever is going on for you
Exhale  –  love – send the love within, let it fill up your mind, heart, cells

Inhale  –  pain, drama or whatever it is you are feeling or experiencing
Exhale  –  love – send the love to your outer world + those in it

2015 theme for this week:
You are in the drivers seat of your life – so damn it, take hold of the steering wheel + go!

I would love to hear how you are going to honour you inner child this week



Original content from Mystic Mama, Simon + spiritual girlfriends
How do I get this info?  I gather, read + meditate and intuit what YOU need to hear.  Voila!