Inala Healing + Reading

Inala Healing + Reading

Inala means a place of peace.   A resting place…
Australia is our place of peace, our home, our country.

Let us connect with her spirit with love + in respect…
We’re blessed to live on the ancient of lands of the oldest living culture in the world!.

Inala Healing gathers the power from Gondwanaland, New Holland, Terra Australis to Australia with her wildlife, ancient rocks, red earth + bright sunlight.  Australian’s have an unique energy because of the country we were born on.

Australia made us who we are…


You will love an Inala Healing if :


  • You want to connect to the healing power of Australia
  • You wish to explore a new style of healing energy
  • You would like to connect to your sacred site, spirit animal + sacred plant
  • You desire Ancestral Healing thru the timelines
I loved the recording + the ability for you to voice what you see.  The insights flowed forth organically. It felt like a co-creation + I felt self-empowered to do as I needed with the information. This was a very natural unfolding, which I also feel in the energy when working with the spirit of Australia.


You will feel:

  • Empowered, connected, grounded, inspired + at home within your body
  • A deep sense of respect for country + your place in it
  • Grateful for your ancestors…. “you are because of her

Some of the beautiful tools I use in an Inala Healing are:
Rock Medicine (my husband was a geophysicist who has gathered rocks that are 800million years pre-Jurassic), native flora I find on my walks, essential oils, elixirs, crystals + the healing power of the land.  I call upon your spirit animal to guide us on the journey.
It is such a gift to work with the raw beauty + power that is Australia.

I felt this healing embedding into my soul.  I look forward to sitting with this for the next few days as the magic continues to flow.


Make an appointment

Tuesday – Saturday online
Click here to book via email or text Susanne 0419548645

Inala Healing + Reading 60 minutes ~ $120.00
CC payments incur a 2.9% fee

Inala Healing – $123.00


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To  make the most of your treatment:

  • Allow time to create a relaxing space to listen to your recording
  • Turn off technology + phones
  • Schedule a quiet time after your healing to soak up the magic

Please allow 48 hours cancellation ~ thank you for your understanding

I look forward to sharing this magical healing with you.



I love the connection you have with Indigenous culture + the land.  It felt strong + unique.  I could hear singing thru parts of the healing + felt the powerful healing of this amazing land..

photo credit John Torcasio for Kangaroo photo…

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