Inala Reiki Healing

Inala Reiki Healing

In person healing only…

Inala means a place of peace.
A resting place…
Inala Reiki dissolves the inner agitation
Soothes the fragmented soul
Brings you home to your heart light …

Relax ~ Restore ~ Rejuvenate

You will love an Inala Reiki if :

  • You want to receive a pure traditional healing energy
  • You need to let go, relax + breathe deeply
  • If you’ve  felt very stressed, blocked, flat + not sure what will help

You will feel:

  • Empowered, connected, grounded, inspired + at home within your body
  • A deep sense of inner peace, clarity + quiet inspiration
  • Relaxed + Renewed

An Inala Healing is pure REIKI with no insights shared which allows for deeper + longer so that the energy goes to the depths for long lasting healing.
By not receiving the insights you’ll discover you open up to + trust your own wisdom.


I felt this healing embedding into my soul.
I look forward to sitting with this for the next few days as the magic continues to flow.

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Make an appointment

Wednesday – Saturday – in person only
Click here to book via email or text Susanne 0419548645

Inala Healing + Reading 60 minutes ~ $120.00
CC payments incur a 2.9% fee


Inala Healing – $123.00

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To  make the most of your treatment for online + in person:

  • Don’t rush to your appt – leave enough time for traffic hold ups
  • Allow time to create a relaxing space to listen to your recording
  • Turn off technology + phones
  • Schedule a quiet time after your healing to soak up the magic

Please allow 24 hours cancellation ~ thank you for your understanding

I look forward to sharing this magical healing with you.




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