Rejuvenation Retreat

25~29 July 2013 ~ 4 days to a more vibrant you!

Susanne invites you on a journey of discovery to a new healthier lifestyle….

Whether you are seeking time out or or an improvement in your wellbeing ~ this health retreat could be just what you are looking for.
Food is the foundation of good health and at this retreat nourishment, happiness and relaxation are central to each meal.
You will rejevenate with an fusion of the most delicious raw food possible, yoga, spa treatments, time to relax and just be….
You will simply love being and feeling alive, clear and connected!

Are your ready to?

Feel better and look younger
Drop weight and gain energy
Think clearly and feel more connected to your body
Spring clean and gently detox


Do you want to feel?

Good in your own skin
More purposeful, clear and inspired
Excited about food again
Alive, calm, harmonious
A decrease in aches and pains
Lighter and brighter.

If the answer was yes to any of the above ~ then you will love what you receive on this retreat:

  • 4 nights single room accom and airport transfers
  • Daily Feminine Spirit Yoga for body and soul rejuvenation with journal work.
  • Raw food (which is delicious and totally satisfying) freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, herbal teas,
  • Herbal Tea upon waking
  • Sunrise walks
  • 3 Spa Treatments
  • 1 3 hour traditional Beauty programme
  • 1 Raw food cooking class followed by lunch with the amazing chefsof Ubud Sari
  • the services of Susanne Calman for the duration of the retreat

You will experience feeling great and looking fabulous.

Cost for a younger you:

Package A $1065
Package B $1145* includes 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions for a deeper detox

Contact Susanne for bookings