Bathing Ritual

I want to share my favourite healing bathing ritual which is an old traditional treatment that will cleanse your energetics on all levels.  
Bathing is a pampering ritual for the body + soul ~ so its important to ‘set the scene’
Clear your bathroom of ‘mess’ and turn off the phones
Light the candles, burn your favourite aromatherapy oil,
Have your lotions and potions next to your bath to apply to your face
Clean fluffy towels and face washer.

Run your bath…as you do so imagine this as ‘cleansing waters’ to clear your energies of whatever is ready to be released.


2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 large packet of Epsom Salts

Add the ingredients and swoosh it all around.  Step in and wallow away….
Apply warm wet washer to your face and breathe deeply and sigh your breath and the stresses away….
Try not to allow your mind to wander to your stresses  ~ bring it back to the present moment by breathe awareness
Pamper yourself with a face masque
After your bath you need to wash the energy away.
Have a quick shower with the image of washing all negative energy away from your body and its energetics…
Hop into bed and you will enjoy a restorative sleep.
Pay attention to your dreams and your first thoughts upon waking….

This is a potent healing treatment and can used to support you in times of stress and after illness.
When you have felt ‘not quite yourself’, when you are overwhelmed with the many components of your life.
There are times you may just get the ‘urge’ to take a bath….this is your soul calling you home; so use this treatment to support the whispers of your soul.


2 thoughts on “Bathing Ritual

  1. I often feel the urge to have a bath. Now I know why!Thankyou Susanne for yet another powerful insight.

    1. If only we would listen to those urges to run the bath. We would all sleep better and awaken totally refreshed and ready for the new day!

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