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Bette Calman has been teaching yoga since the 1960’s and is still teaching today at 87.  Bette is the poster gal for living your best life ~ regardless of age.
In fact; Bette doesnt use the word ‘ageing’…

Here is her daily routine and what she has done for over 50 years to ensure a life filled with vitality…

Wake Up gently and allow the day to begin with gratitude for a good nights sleep and a great day ahead.
Circle ankles and wrists, tighten belly and buttocks to get energy moving, massage stomache.
Do stretches in bed….tighten butt & massage the stomache…
Make use of the toxins in your mouth and spit onto your finger and dab onto any sunspots or scarring..

Gargle and swoosh the mouth with cool water cleansing the mouth of  heat and toxins that have built up through the night ~ do at least 3 times. Scrape the tongue several times and rinse the mouth again.
Drink a glass of water with the 2nd glass of water add lemon juice.
1 glass of orange juice

My morning yoga routine consists of Surya Namaskara, Bow, A balance posture, Forward Bend, Back Bend and a Twist.  I practice the Tibetan Rites every day too.

Keep on keeping on….. this is my motto for every day.  Yesterday I tried to do Headstand and I couldnt get up into the pose.  So today I tried again and no problems.  If I cannot do something I just try again the next day and I do not waste my energy in being critical of myself.

My number one Beauty Treatment is honey.  I have been applying organic raw honey daily for over 25 years.  I use Glycerine and Rosewater as an astringent and Vitamin E Creme as a moisturizer and Lanoline to make my hair shine…

My number one Yoga Pose for …..
~ headstand, shoulder stand and cobra
Stress ~ daily deep relaxaton & breathing.   Bette believes that your power is inside of you and that the practice of  relaxation will help you to connect to your power and inner wisdom. 
Women’s Health
~ is benefited by cobra, swallow,  locust and bow.  The body against the floor will get everything moving and pumping.

I believe vegatarian lifestyle is paramount if you want to live a healthy life.  If you cant cut meat out all together begin to cut down.
I still eat eggs and dairy and wont be stopping anytime suit.  I love desserts, homemade chai tea and wish restaurants would be more creative with their vegetarian meals..

My night time routine begins with going outside in the fresh air and doing my yoga breathing (alternate nostril breathing)
Gentle yoga poses and short relaxation to ensure a sound and restorative sleep
A glass of water before retiring for sleep

As I drift off to sleep I give thanks for the day

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6 thoughts on “Bette Calman ~ healthy living insights….

  1. Bette – you are a beautiful inspiration to everyone who has the pleasure of knowing you.

    1. Hi Sue…
      She has an amazing belief in the body to be healthy ~ if we do the right thing by it….and she doesnt whinge too!! I think that could be a secret to health + happiness too!
      How many old people really only can talk about their illness, aches and pains?
      Bette would never discuss any health issue or personal issue in the negative.
      Perhaps a good insight for all of us..?

    1. Hi Sue…
      Yes she is isnt she…..
      She has so many wonderful tips for health and vitality I shall have to do more ‘interviews’ with her…

  2. gorgeous! I wish I had half Bette’s energy and discipline!…oh, & some of her positive attitude would be very welcome here too! xx

    1. Hi Gina
      Thanks for stopping by and reading Bettes 1st blog! She is definately very committed to her yoga practice!
      Why is it that we let go of the things that support us in daily life?
      Hmmm will need to ponder that myself.
      Her attitude is amazing; makes me stop and reassess my attitude and thought process at times!


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