Rejuvenation Retreat Bali ~ 25~29 July 2013

Experience delicious RAW food, juices, smoothies, sunrise walks, yoga, reiki  &  spa treatments for physical + emotional weight loss, detox, fertility, health and happiness….

Faciliatated by Susanne Calman

You will feel:

  • Amazingly alive, radiant, inspired and vibrant.
  • Glowing from inside out
  • Relaxed, Peaceful and Calm
  • Clear about your life and your role in it……
  • Gratitude for having made the decision to come on the retreat!

This RAW FOOD Rejuvenation Retreat will benefit women who are ready for a new beginning …..




You will love what this retreat will offer you if you are ready to:

  • Loose weight
  • Get healthy
  • Feel vibrant
  • Conceive
  • Live a more soulful life
  • Get in touch with your intuition
  • Be more connected
  • Be the woman you knew you always could be….

YOU will love the changes you see & feel during and after this life changing retreat.



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I dropped two dress sizes after the RAW FOOD RETREAT and I no longer an emotional eater!!  I am now very respectful of the food I feed my body + soul with! SC

So many people are telling me how well I look!  JA